Unsolved Mystery – Bryan Nisenfeld – Providence, Rhode Island

Posted: July 23, 2012 in New England (Conn, RI, Mass, Etc)
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Bones Found On Beach Don’t Answer All The Questions Regarding College Freshman That Disappeared

The first year of college can always be an adjustment. For 18 year old New Jersey resident, Bryan Nisenfeld, it proved to be more that just that. On February 6th, 1997, the architecture major left a college class and seemingly disappeared. At first it seemed that the Roger Williams College student may have taken off, he had been homesick and emotionally upset. College officials notified Nisenfeld’s parents six days later that their son was missing. It seemed through various reports that College officials and the Bristol Police Department thought that Nisenfeld ran away. Six months later a woman and her daughter were walking along Hog’s Beach when they came across a boot with a human foot in it. DNA testing later revealed that the foot and a bone found nearby belonged to Nisenfeld. College officials and Bristol Police theorized that Nisenfeld may have slipped on some rocks and fell into the water or that he committed suicide by jumping off the Mt. Hope Bridge. However, Nisenfeld had received threats from a former Roger Williams College student that he knew during his first semester. It is not clear if Nisenfeld was friends with or romatically involved with this other male student. However, just days before Nisenfeld disappeared, this former student allegedly threatened him via a phone call to come back to campus and harm Nisenfeld. Suicide, accident or murder, we may never know. If you know anything about the death of Bryan Nisenfeld you are urged to call the Rhode Island State Police at (401)444-1000.

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