Unsolved Cold Case – Deborah Bates – Massachuetts

Posted: July 27, 2012 in New England (Conn, RI, Mass, Etc)
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Disappearance and Murder of Woman Raises Questions

Deborah Bates
Victim – Deborah Bates

Deborah Bates was 23 years old when she disappeared from her apartment on Liberty Street in Lowell on Feb. 23, 1993. At the time she was 6 months pregnant. Eleven years later, her skeletal remains were found March 11, 2004, around 50 feet from the on-ramp leading from the Lowell Connector to Route 3 South.

At first suspicion focused on the unknown Main South Woodsman Killer who is believed to have murdered Betzaida Montalvo, 29, and Carmen Rudy, 28, found in Marlborough in September of 2003. As well as Dinelia Torres, 33,who was found in Hudson in March 2004. The three worked as prostitutes in the Main South neighborhood of Worcester.

Alex Scesny is considered “a person of interest” in those killings and is charged in the 1996 murder of Theresa Stone in Fitchburg. Police do not believe though that he is responsible for the murder of Deborah Bates. Whoever, killed Bates, had recently placed her and the remains of her unborn child near the site of discovery.

Law Enforcement have looked at her ex-boyfriend with who she had a son with in 1990. There had been allegations of physical abuse and drug usage in their relationship. The ex-boyfriend had also served jail time for armed robbery and had several restraining orders filed against him by Bates.

If you have any information about the murder of Deborah Bates and her unborn child, please call the Lowell Police Department at 978-937-3232.

  1. Bonnie John(Masson) says:

    We think of You and Baby everyday! Unfortunately my Mom has died without knowing what really happened to my sister and her unborn child who were murdered in 1993, hid for 11 yrs, then dumped on the side of an off ramp. We will continue to look for Justice for Debbie and hope to find her murderer, even after all these years. May God Bless everyone with a missing relative and bless us with a miracle of holding her MURDERER accountable!

  2. Mike says:

    It sounds very strange to me to kill someone and hide their remains successfully for 11 years, then put the skeleton some place where it could be found. Seems to me it would be in the killers best interest to leave the remains where it was to begin with.
    It’s probably missing information from the report or altogether bad reporting because this scenario is just too retarded to be what really happened.

    • letsfindthem says:

      Yes one would think however, if the killer had Deborah’s remains at their house (buried somewhere or hidden in a freezer (It happens), and the killer was moving and needed to get rid of the remains because he didn’t want anyone (possibly the new home owner?) to come across it and have evidence get traced back to him? There is alot of possible motives for dumping the body so many years later.

      My guess is the killer had Deborah and her unborn child hidden close to home for all these years and just recently had a life changing event that caused them to want to get rid of the remains.

      So the killer must have lived locally, in Mass for years after killing Deborah. Now though, he could be anywhere. He could have moved out of state after dumping the body. Police should look into any of their suspects and see if any of them had moved shortly after finding Deborah’s remains.

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