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Youtube description: ”A seemingly trustworthy woman starts a job at a store, only to later make off with thousands of dollars…..”

Description Of Crime: Bonne Wyler (most likely not her real name) is wanted in Atlanta, Georgia since August 4th, 1986 – Bonnie is a heavy-set woman with dark hair at the time (could be greying as of 2012.) She is professional crook who worked at A department store during 1986, a very secretive woman, Bonnie would go ‘above and beyond’ her job duties to gain the trust of her Employors/Employees and when she suceeded in getting the code to a safe and made off with atleast twenty thousand dollars.

UPDATE: Unidentified Murder Victim Found In 2011 Was Scalped (KY)

Police in Kentucky are still investigating the unsolved homicide of A unidentified female.

The woman was found on August 15th, 2011 and is believed to be Native-American descent and was found scalped and shot to death in a wooded area in Barren County, Kentucky. Her skull was found in a drainage ditch off of Cumberland Parkway near Glasgow. Her bones were later found by investigators near Interstate 65, scattered over a 100-120-foot area.

Authorities are still trying to figure out how she ended up there and who murdered her. Police have run out of leads and are appealing to the public for more information as they await the results of a DNA test.


Anyone with information, no matter how insignificant you think it might be, is urged to call the Kentucky State Police at 207-782-2010 Or contact your local police.


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Allow A DNA-Test For Kristen Blaise Lobato

Duran Bailey died a gruesome death. The homeless man met his end on July 8, 2001. His killer didn’t stop with the fatal blow to the back of his head. The perpetrator stabbed him, slashed his throat, knocked out his teeth and severed his penis. The medical examiner counted 30 injuries to his genitals and upper body. Between the bruising and the blood, Bailey wasn’t just killed, he was brutalized beyond almost all recognition.

Bailey’s indignities didn’t end with his death. After the killer finished with his body, that person buried him in garbage, the refuse from the Flamingo Road dumpster where the bloody crime occurred.

His killer fled from there. But to where? Police say Panaca. That’s where they arrested 18-year-old Kirstin Blaise Lobato more than 10 days after the crime.

Others aren’t so sure. Lobato’s supporters, who have followed the case from day one, say prosecutors got the wrong person. While Lobato languished in jail, they said, Bailey’s killer remained at large. And they think the only way to free their friend may be to find the real murderer.

To that end, they recruited the Innocence Project, an organization that has freed hundreds of wrongly convicted prisoners. The group has offered to underwrite DNA testing in the Lobato case. Kirstin’s supporters hope some piece of cellular detritus, a scrap of a genetic fingerprint, will blow the old case wide open again.

There’s just one problem. So far, the district attorney’s office, District Court and state Supreme Court have blocked efforts to test the evidence. A petition on urging the DA to allow testing has garnered more than 125,000 virtual signatures. But the office hasn’t budged. – Click Link To Read Full Story:

To sign the petition to allow Kristen Lobato to take a DNA-test, click the photo of Kristen shown.

On the evening of October 13, 2002, 16 year old teenager Devyn Jude Murphy was stabbed to death in a house party in Wareham, Massachusetts. There was an altercation at the party which was attended by around 50 people, yet no one has come forward with any information. According to family members, Murphy had aspirations of becoming a chiropractor. It is believed that there are several people that may know who killed the teen, but either are afraid or refuse to come forward. If you have any information about who murdered Devyn Jude Murphy please contact the Massachusetts State Police at (508) 759-4488. All calls can be confidential.




♦ Article Published 10/14/08 – Source Below ♦

→ 52-year-old Anne Murphy of Onset never got to say goodbye to her son. Five years ago the Sandwich High School student went to a party and never came home.

MURPHY: My son Devyn Murphy was killed; he was 16 years old. He was 45 days into his 16th year, and he went to a party and he was stabbed. Every belief that you ever had about God or anything, it changes. There is before and after — before your child’s death and after your child’s death and family member. And you are not the same person.

Murphy doesn’t remember much of the first year after Devyn was murdered. She is mother to two other children, and she was left afraid, she said, walking around like a zombie with only her son’s death and her own guilt filling her head and sickening her stomach.

MURPHY: The first year is a real blur. At first you are thinking, my child is at camp. My child is on vacation. And then the reality starts to set in. The pain, it’s like being on fire from the inside out. And it doesn’t stop. It’s a descent to hell.

And murder, Murphy says, comes with a stigma. Several family members of murder victims interviewed for this story all say the same thing: when they talk about the murder, people seen to automatically place at least some of the blame for the crime on the victim, assuming they were in a gang or were involved in something underhanded or illegal that contributed to their death.

MURPHY: There is a feeling that the victim that was killed might have done something to get themselves killed. And there is a stigma to murder, people don’t want to talk about murder. Uh, you feel stigmatized — my child was the one who was murdered. And people feel, “Oh, they must be in a gang or they must have done something wrong that this would happen to them. Surely there must be some dark secret or some dark side of these people that this would come into their lives.”

48-year-old Bill Belanger sits across from Murphy as she speaks about her son’s death and he nods along.

BELANGER: Listening to Anne, it’s incredible, because if I were to follow her I would have said, “Ditto.” I mean, Ditto. Bravo, Anne.

Belanger is part of a Parents of Murdered Children support group in southern New Hampshire. He’s a big guy, large in stature and imposing. But he’s obviously broken by grief. He came to Cape Cod to support Murphy and the members of the POMC chapter here. Belanger and his wife Gina lost their daughter Erin to a murderer in Florida four years ago. She was 22, and their only child.

BELANGER: I remember at my first meeting asking people like, “Do you people want to take the ones who killed your son or daughter and strangle them to death”? And they are like, “Oh, yeah.” These people understand. All the hatred and the grief, they understand it. To me, it is my opium.

Bellanger is filled with anger, guilt and regret, he says. His daughter Erin wanted to escape the cold New England winters, so Belanger says he encouraged her to move to Florida and live near her grandmother there. She had a job, was renting a house and starting her life as a young adult.

BELANGER: It was a mass murder. Everyone in that house was killed. They were beaten with baseball bats and knives. I couldn;t give her an open casket. I had to cremate her because the damage was so bad, it was just horrible.

For Belanger, the POMC group has been a life-saver. It gives him an outlet to channel his grief and anger and advocate against the injustice he sees surrounding the issue of murder. He hates for the meetings to end, he says, and he feels safe spending time with people who understand his pain and want to prevent other parents from experiencing a similar loss.

BELANGER: When we get together and have our meetings, we hug each other. We give each other a hankie, but we are doing this so we don’t have to hug you one day. We are doing this so we don’t have to hug you one day. We don’t want to do that. And I think everyone here can agree to that. We don’t want to give you a hug one day. So that is why I do it.

David Flood of Ipswich is involved with the same POMC chapter as Belanger. He says that in addition to offering comfort and support, the group also helps victims find a way to channel their emotions into advocacy. But still, no one, they say, even the politicians don’t want to talk about murder.

FLOOD: Clearly something is broken and we don’t know how to fix it yet.

  Before meeting for an interview, Flood and Belanger say they both experienced a typical response while chatting over a cup of coffee in Woods Hole.

FLOOD: The tendency is to turn off when you hear Parents of Murdered Children. Like, we were down at this restaurant, nice sunny day, tourists all around. We started talking about it, and then we mentioned the group: Parents of Murdered Children. And there wasn’t a French fry crunched on that property for five minutes after we said Parents of Murdered Children. Who wants to talk about that on a nice day? Really weird.

While the pain and emotion associated with their losses may be similar, every murder is different, with varying circumstances and judicial outcomes. Four men were charged in Erin’s death, Belanger says, and the man who actually killed her is awaiting the death penalty. In Anne Murphy’s case, police think they know who did it, but no one has ever been charged with killing Devyn. Murphy says the lack of prosecution is just another senseless, inexplicable twist in the story of her son’s untimely death.  But both Murphy and Belanger say they’ve reached the point in their grief where they want to affect change. They want to honor their children’s lives and work until no other parents suffer the way they have.


 ♦ Last week on Sunday, August 26th, 2012 an individual walked into Springer’s Pizza in Lapeer and stole $78.00 from a donation canister on the front desk. The donation canister was set-up for people to donate money to help children in need and whomever robbed the canister knew what the money was meant for, as there were a sign explaining the money was intended for the Justice for Lily foundation, a local organization that raises funding for child abuse awareness. Justice for Lily was founded by Lauren Furneaux after her daughter Lily, was murdered at just 2 years old by her abusive stepmother. ♦


Below is a statement from the Justice for Lily Foundation.

VIA Justice for Lily ↔ If anyone knows who stole this money please contact the police. We are a Non profit organization, each person that works with Justice for Lily is a volunteer including our Board of Directors; of which is composed of working professionals in our community. We donate hours each day to this cause and we all do so without a single complaint because we are standing up for what we believe in; however when money that could benefit a child is stolen it only lights the fire in our hearts that much stronger.
Recently a lot of our donated funds are used to obtain transcripts and assistance for families going through abuse cases in order to help the children, we currently are pulling money from our own pockets in order to obtain most of the transcripts. At this point we are keeping Justice for Lily afloat through our recent fundraisers including T- shirt sales and through our own personal incomes.
 Please if you know who stole this money please let them know that it was extremely wrong if they merely stole the funds for no reason however we hope the $80 was used to feed or clothe a child in need in our community and if this was the case and they need further help to please contact us. We also would like to thank Springer’s Pizza for standing up in the fight against child abuse with us and we want you to know that it is because of supporters like you that we are able to continue our fight each day!!! Thank you, JFL.”
Article 8/26/12 ↔ “It takes a desperate human being to commit theft but it takes a heartless one to steal from a child’s charity.” This was the dilemma faced by Matthew Langness and his mother Karen, the owners of Springer Pizza in Lapeer when last week it was discovered that $78 had been stolen from a donation canister on the front desk.
The money was intended for the Justice for Lily foundation, a local organization that raises funding for child abuse awareness. Justice for Lily was founded by Lauren Furneaux after her daughter Lily, was murdered at just 2 years old by her abusive stepmother. “I don’t know how they can sleep at night” said Matthew of whoever assumed the painstaking task of breaking into and emptying the canisters and a old paint can.
Matthew said the thief must have taken the can outside in order to pry of the lid otherwise he would have heard the jingling of loose change. As a lifelong resident of Lapeer, Matthew considers the loss a personal one “It’s no different then stealing from my own kids,” he said. And the Langness family is no stranger to the Furneaux family. Karen has worked a booth near Lynette Furneaux, Lily’s grandmother so they were more than glad to house the donation tin bearing the smiling toddlers photo. “We felt for them” said Matthew “It (Lily’s Death) was a local tragedy and we tried to reach out and help anyway we could” Karen and Matthew give to many organizations including; schools and churches, under the belief that as a community residents should “look out for each other and help others”.
On the grin counter addressed to someone who gained a wealth of nearly $80 dollars at the expense of child abuse awareness, is a note from Karen that reads;
To the person that took the money from Lily’s can, you are a lowlife rotten person. God knows what you did and somebody you know will be burned for doing what you did. I hope your face shows up on my hidden camera cause I will get the joy of burning you first. Bring it back and make it right!” Matthew and Karen are asking that the money be returned and they are even willing to offer a reward in exchange for the truth. They do their best to match each donation made to justice for Lily, and have personally replaced the stolen funds .”

♦ Constance Christine Smith ♦

→ Constance Aka ”Connie”, born July 11, 1942 had just turned 10-years-old. Originally from Wyoming, she was staying at Camp Sloane in Salisbury, Connecticut in the Summer of 1952. She had one week left until camp was over. On July 14th, 1952 her mother visited the camp and said nothing was amiss and that Connie asked to stay at the camp longer.

However, less than 48-hours-later, On July 16th, 1952, the young wavy-haired brunette had some type of altercation with a group of girls shortly before breakfast which resulted in a bloody-nose.

She was seen walking off, but not before telling fellow campers with whom she shared a tent with, that she was planning on skipping breakfast and returning an icepack to the camp’s nursing unit. (The icepack was used for a previous, unrelated injury.)

Connie had different plans however, she started walking down Indian-Mountain-Road, leaving the icepack behind in her tent. It has been said that she was home-sick, although according to her mother, who had visited her less than 48-hours prior, she (Connie) seemed happy and asked to stay longer at camp Sloane and although she was told ‘no’, she didn’t seem to care, the altercation she had earlier could have changed her mind.

Camp counselors noticed the young girl missing later that day when they seen the ice-pack still in her tent and realized she hasn’t been seen for a few hours. They searched camp Sloane and the surrounding areas, asking people if they’ve seen Connie.

According to witnesses, Connie was seen picking flowers while hitch-hiking, she was seen asking several people how she could get to Lakeville, which was less than a mile from Camp Sloane.  She was again seen later that day on US-Route-44 in Salisbury, CT hitchhiking, looking for a ride. She was carrying her black-pocketbook which might have contained photos of her friend and/or friends.

She has not been seen or heard of since, nor has any of her possessions, including the outfit she was wearing.


(Drawing Of Connie Smith)

♦ Connie’s disappearance gained national attention, dead-end leads and false-confessions. Numerous searches have been conducted to no avail. She was never found, neither were any of her belongings including her pocketbook containing photos of family and friends.

♦ Connie’s Grandfather, Nels Smith, was the former governor of Wyoming. He has since passed away. So has Connie’s parents, with her fathers recent death earlier this year (2012).

♦ Author, Micheal Dooling has written a book called ”Clueless in New England” which speaks of three unsolved cold cases including that of Connie Smith.

♦ Connie was an independent child who looked older than her age. A caucasian female who could have passed for a teenager at the time of her disappearance. She had wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and poor vision but wasn’t wearing her glasses while staying at Camp Sloane which would have made it difficult for her to see clearly or read.

♦ On July 16th, 1952 Connie was wearing A red windbreaker,  dark navy blue shorts with plaid cuffs, tan leather shoes and a red-hair-ribbon which would have helped keep her hair/bangs from blowing into her face.

♦ Connie, who had been at the camp for two weeks, had seen her mother the day before. Her tenth birthday was July 11th and Helen Smith and her parents had made the
two-hour drive from Greenwich to celebrate.

According to Sandy Bausch, a native to the area who has done extensive research on this case, the Police have tried very hard looking for Connie Smith. Sandy stated, ↔ ”The Connecticut State Police took charge of the investigation. Almost immediately, they checked a nearby gypsy encampment. In fact, investigators hid in the forest for several days to see if Connie was being held against her will. Nothing came of that lead. As the days passed, cops drove through forests and fields in an open jeep, hoping to locate the odor of a dead body. They tested scat in the forest, thinking maybe Connie had been eaten by wild animals. After receiving a lead that she had been buried in the earth of a fresh grave, state troopers visited cemeteries and plunged rods through the dirt until they hit caskets. The area is littered with Revolutionary War-era water-filled “ore pits,” and police searched these, again to no avail.”

A video posted on youtube which describes the unsolved disappearance of Madeleine McCann, 3. Video also provides photos of the young girl and her family.

Twenty Year Old Cold Case In Illinois Still Unsolved

FBI hopes new $50,000 reward will help find mysterious killer twenty years  after college student raped, murdered, wrapped in duct tape, and dumped in  blanket

  • Tammy Zywicki,  21, was driving along Illinois freeway in 1992 when car broke down
  • One witness said  there was man stopped by the side of the road appearing to help young  student
  • Her body was  recovered hundreds of miles away in Missouri
  • Rapist and  murderer still remains at large


Published August 23rd, 2012 By Dailymail – Click link for full story

Unsolved Murder Of Donna Denise Baker (TX)

Donna Baker, 21, was found murdered on May 18th, 1979 in a vacant lot in San Antonio, Texas. She was a bright, beautiful young lady who had alot going for her.

33-years-later and Donna’s murder is still Unsolved. Her family still wants answers and Donna needs Justice. Please click the photo of Donna provided to see additional photos and additional infomation on this case.

Kate & Jerry McCann - Impact State Regarding Daughters Disappearance

Madeleine McCann – Age 3 – Missing Since May 3rd, 2007 while on Vacation with her Family. Her Disappearance reached many people in many different Countries, theories and accusions have been made, some pointing the finger at the parents of the missing girl, while ”rumors” say she got sold into a Child-Sex-Trafficking-Ring, there have been false leads and ”witnesses” who claimed they’ve seen Madeleine. For more infomation on her disappearance, Click the link provided:

Kate & Jerry McCann Impact Statement:

Sadly, there is still no law enforcement agency in the world proactively looking for our daughter. She was abducted in Praia Da Luz, Potugal on May 3, 2007.
This month marks our fourth Christmas without Madeleine. We hope with all our hearts that wherever she is, she is safe and well and whoever may be with her is treating her with the love and respect she so deserves.

We would like to thank all our supporters for ‘staying at our side’ in spite of the injustices that we continue to be subjected to. Madeleine is the person who suffers most from all of this injustice. It is this fact alone which causes us the most distress. It is absolutely heart-breaking.

The Wikileaks ‘news’ this week has led to the repetition of many unfounded allegations and smears both in the UK and in Portugal in particular. This has been seized on as an opportunity by those who wish to compound our suffering and hamper our efforts, including the very person who was entrusted with finding our daughter. Those who could help Madeleine but choose to do nothing are also complicit in this injustice. Without the love and help from so many good people around the world we would not be able to find the strength to continue the fight to find our daughter.

Thank you to all those who have signed our petition calling on the UK and Portuguese Governments to conduct an independent review of Madeleine’s case. The petition is still on-going. If you haven’t signed and would like to further the search for Madeleine, please sign our on-line petition or sign a paper petition form. The latter can be downloaded from the website and distributed to shops, post-offices etc. and returned to us.
Along with our family, we would like to thank everyone who has sent us Christmas cards, letters, donations and gifts at this difficult time of year. It is impossible to find enough positive words to describe such kindness or the hugely important and heart-warming effect it has on us. Without any doubt, it helps us immensely and we are incredibly grateful.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and positive 2011. Please remember to spare a thought and a prayer for all the children who will not be with their families this Christmas.

Thank you.
Kate and Gerry


The Petition Can be Signed Here: That petition can be found here


To view a Composite Sketch of what Madeleine McCann Might look like Today, Please click Photo above which will bring you too The McCann’s website.