No Remains Found Of Mother & Daughter That Were Murdered

Posted: August 1, 2012 in New England (Conn, RI, Mass, Etc), Uncategorized
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No Remains Found Of Mother & Daughter That Were Murdered

One of the most infamous murder/disappearance cases in Vermont is the vanishing of 32 year old Grace Reapp and her five year old daughter Gracie Reapp. They were last seen at their residence at their Jericho, Vermont residence on June 6, 1978. Michael Reapp, the husband and father of the two filed a missing person’s report. Around a year later, he marries a second time and maintains custody of the couple’s two older sons. In 1996, after he moved to FLorida, he went missing after he was informed that Vermont Law Enforcement was digging around the property where his wife and daughter had last been seen. In June 7, 2010, it was learned that Michael Reapp has committed suicide back in 1997. He had been chased by police after he did an armed carjacking. Vermont State Police believe that Michael Reapp murdered both his wife and daughter. To date, they have not been found.


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