Seven year old Michelle Norris was found murdered on May 30, 1988 on a wooded hill behind Brook Street. The little girl had disappeared 4 days earlier outside a local Schoolyard (Captain G. Harold Hunt Elementary School) in Central Falls. Her bruised body had been beaten, raped and then suffocated to death.

Authorities classified Michelle’s death as a murder, bringing to five the number of young children who have died in the Providence area recently after being reported missing.

Sadly Michelle was not the only young Rhode Island girl to be a victim of homicide that year.

It was a cold winter day, January 6th, 1988, when Ten year old Christine Cole of Pawtucket made her way down the road to head to the local supermarket to get milk for her Mother. She had just turned 10 years old two days prior, being in the double digits, she wanted to be more independant. That was the last time anyone say the little girl alive. on February 28th, 1988 Christina was found murdered on the beach at Conimicut Point in Warwick, RI. Her body washed ashore.

The medical examiner who performed an autopsy on the body said that she would not rule the death a homicide unless police provide her with evidence indicating foul play. However, authorities suspect foul play as she was one of five children to be murdered in a five month span in Rhode Island.

If you have any information about these two cases please call the Rhode Island State Police at (401) 721-2622 or (401) 721-2618. – Or go to

  1. Virginia Cheromiah-Soards says:

    Someone needs to do something about these two girls. Christine was my friend…and I wonder today what she would have grown up to be like. She did not have a very good home life I know this first hand having seen her come to school on more than one occasion crying because her mother would choose her boyfriend over her or her mothers boyfriend would treat her badly…I remember, even today the things she used to tell me as we were very close. But the police never talked to me, they talked to a girl who used to pick on her and make fun of her, so no proper investigation was ever done. If they ever decide to re investigate, they can contact me, I will be more than happy to share any information and things that Christine herself told me.

    • Lisa G says:

      Hello, have you spoken to the police? Have attempted to inform the police of your information?Why are you waiting?

      • Virginia Cheromiah-soards says:

        I am not waiting, and have contacted police on more than one occasion. Only to get the same response. “We’ll look into it ” seems ironic to me she was found washed up on a beach and she was petrified of the water. Mother’s boyfriend, who abused Christine, was the first one to “LOOK” for her. I still remember to this day all the terrible things Christine told me, yet, no one will listen.

  2. susan wilcox says:

    I remember this case ..i lived not too far from where she lived..and had children close to her age..iIoften wonder what the person who did this is doing right now? Maybe if you call the police and tell them what you remember they could reopen her case.

    • Virginia Cheromiah-soards says:

      I have done that, I never get very far

      • Lisa G says:

        Hi Virginia ~ good to know that you tried to inform the police ~ your comments first came across as you had not spoken with the police. You have tried that is all you can do 🙂

  3. I knew Christine Cole she use to tell me how bad her mom & her boyfriend treated her until this day I still think what she would have been doing or how beautiful she would have been I never will understand why they talked to all those people who didn’t like her or made fun of her I hope & pray that one day they find out what really happened to her :/

    • Lisa G says:

      Maybe the police spoke with the people who didn’t like her to see if they had cause to hurt her. The police should have spoken to everybody, but makes sense to speak to the bullies too.

  4. mickey says:

    Do u think it might be the same killer? Becuz the year was the same 1988 but janurary then may um makes you think

  5. Donna Thompson says:

    This is so sad that her case is not solved I think about her offen rip

    • letsfindthem says:

      I agree. I was born in 1988 when this occurred. I live in RI, close to where both of these murders took place and it amazes me how no one talks about it. I would have never heard about these cases if I had not Googled unsolved murders in RI. Nobody has even put any of these cases on the local news on the anniversary, etc. And I can barely find any details regarding both cases. It’s like they have given up completely on these two murdered children.

      RI is a small state and i don’t think there has been any unsolved murders involving children since these two young children were murdered so I think it should definitely get more attention.

  6. Bad Larry says:

    There is an organization that might be able to help. It’s called the Captive Sex Worker Recovery Project. Their main purpose is the live rescue of women held as captive and forced into prostitution. Over the years they’ve been consulted on missing person cases and have produced results fast enough to prevent tragedy. One of their top people lives in right in Attleboro. Sadly, it’s too late to save these girls, but if you get in touch with them, they can probably figure out what went down.

  7. Lisa G says:

    Virginia Cheromiah-soards says:
    January 7, 2016 at 5:03 am
    I have done that, I never get very far

    Hi ~ to your reply ~ Very sad ~horrible story ~ best of luck to you

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