Allow A DNA-Test For Kristen Blaise Lobato

Duran Bailey died a gruesome death. The homeless man met his end on July 8, 2001. His killer didn’t stop with the fatal blow to the back of his head. The perpetrator stabbed him, slashed his throat, knocked out his teeth and severed his penis. The medical examiner counted 30 injuries to his genitals and upper body. Between the bruising and the blood, Bailey wasn’t just killed, he was brutalized beyond almost all recognition.

Bailey’s indignities didn’t end with his death. After the killer finished with his body, that person buried him in garbage, the refuse from the Flamingo Road dumpster where the bloody crime occurred.

His killer fled from there. But to where? Police say Panaca. That’s where they arrested 18-year-old Kirstin Blaise Lobato more than 10 days after the crime.

Others aren’t so sure. Lobato’s supporters, who have followed the case from day one, say prosecutors got the wrong person. While Lobato languished in jail, they said, Bailey’s killer remained at large. And they think the only way to free their friend may be to find the real murderer.

To that end, they recruited the Innocence Project, an organization that has freed hundreds of wrongly convicted prisoners. The group has offered to underwrite DNA testing in the Lobato case. Kirstin’s supporters hope some piece of cellular detritus, a scrap of a genetic fingerprint, will blow the old case wide open again.

There’s just one problem. So far, the district attorney’s office, District Court and state Supreme Court have blocked efforts to test the evidence. A petition on urging the DA to allow testing has garnered more than 125,000 virtual signatures. But the office hasn’t budged. – Click Link To Read Full Story:

To sign the petition to allow Kristen Lobato to take a DNA-test, click the photo of Kristen shown.


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