Photo Of Ashley Freeman (Left) And Lauria Bible (Right) 

Missing Since December 30, 1999 from Oklahoma

Unsolved: Ashley Freeman lived in Welch, OK and had just celebrated her ”Sweet 16th” Birthday on December 29, 1999 with her best friend, Lauria Bible, a girl she grew up with.  She also had her boyfriend, Jeremy Hurst, come over but he left that night around 9:30pm.

Sweet turned to sour when, at 6am the following morning, a 911 call from the neighbor saying the Freeman trailer home was on fire and that the girls were inside. Police raced over and so did Jay and Lorene Bible, Laura’s parents. They began looking through the ashes and discovered the body of Kathy Freeman, Ashley’s Mother.

Police could not find the bodies of Danny Freeman, Ashley and Lauria. They theorized that he killed Kathy and abducted his daughter and her friend, however, his remains were found a day later on new years day. They both had been shot in the head before the fire.

Lauria Bible nor Ashley Freeman were never found.

Lauria’s purse was left behind with $200 in it suggesting they might have been abducted and robbery was ruled out as a motive.

Due to several mistakes in the investigation, much of the evidence at the crime scene was destroyed or tampered with. By the time the OSBI and FBI came to the scene, they had little to nothing to go on.

Photo Of Kathy & Danny Freeman

There were no suspects in the case, but before his death, Danny had warned his brother, Dwayne Vancil, that if anything happened to him to look at the Craig Count Sheriff’s Department. His son, Shane, had been shot and killed by a deputy after taking a truck, and they were about to file a wrongful death lawsuit on the department. The deputies voluntarily took themselves out of the investigation, and the case was turned over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and the sheriff’s department all passed polygraph tests. Another theory was that Danny was a small time drug trafficker, and that he had met with two unidentified men two weeks before the murder, one of whom he did not want there and made them leave, but that theory never fit with the girls’ disappearance. Some believe Ashley killed her parents and fled with Lauria, because there was evidence of friction between Ashley and her father, but authorities do not believe that the girls could have hidden out for so long and those who knew the teen stated she wasn’t violent, and cared about her mother a lot.

This case was aired on July 3, 2001. It was also profiled on America’s Most Wanted and Vanished With Beth Holloway.

Jeremy Bryan Jones and another man have both “confessed” to having led both Lauria and Ashley from the house and killing them elsewhere, but one confession has been proven false, and the other confession is suspected to be false as well. The girls have never been found.

Mugshot of Jeremy Jones


As of 2012, the girl’s whereabouts remain unsolved and Ashley Freeman’s family still hasn’t had Justice.

Pictured: Ashley Renae Freeman – Ashley may have last been wearing a t-shirt, blue jeans, a baseball cap, white tennis shoes, and a windbreaker.

DOB: 29-Dec-1983
Hair: Lt. Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5. 7″ – 170 cm
Weight:145 lbs – 66 kg


Lauria Jaylene Bible

Pictured: Lauria Jaylene Bible – Lauria may have last been wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans, and either white tennis shoes or black boots. She was also wearing silver earrings in the shape of a heart with a diamond on them.

DOB: 18-Apr-1983
Age now: 16 years
Sex: F
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’5″ – 165 cm
Weight: 130 lbs – 59 kg
Missing from:
Welch, OK, USA


The Freeman Family:  

Ashley was living with her parents and her older brother, Shane Freeman, in a trailer-home in Welch, Oklahoma. Her family had problems that required counseling due to her brother Shane stealing his Uncles pick-up truck in 1998, and other behavioral issues. Shane was also charged with breaking into Lauria Bible’s family home in the first week of January, 1999. He had stolen some of Lauria’s possessions along with money and guns that belonged to the Parents of Lauria Bible.

That same week, on January 8th, 1999, Shane was driving a stolen vehicle that belonged to a neighbor. When the car broke down on a Oklahoma Country road. A Police Officer would later state that when he went to investigate and arrest Shane, that he (Shane) pulled a gun out of his back pocket. The Officer shot and killed Shane On January 8th, 1999. The incident was later investigated and it was ruled in favor of the Officer. Many people have their own theories of what happened that day. The Freeman family had an ongoing feud with the Welch Sheriff’s Office due to Shane being killed in what they believe was cold-blooded-murder. According to them, Shane was shot in the backside which would make the Officer’s account of what happened, false.

In the Summer of ’98, Ashley’s father Danny , who is known to have a violent temper, was charged with abusing Shane. Her father stated that the whole incident was exaggerated and overblown although visible marks were on Shane.

Shane isn’t the only one who caught the bad-end of Danny’s temper. In 1985 he was charged with beating his father-in-law after the man trimmed his bushes without asking Danny first. Rumors stated that Danny was involved in drugs and was verbally and physically abusive of his children, although he denies this.

Kathy Freeman was unlike her husband or son, she was considered the main bread-whiner who always showed up to work. A loving, dependable, caring person who didn’t have trouble with the law.


 For more information regarding the Freeman Family, click the link provided.

For more information on Lauria Bible, click the link provided. –

A $50,000 reward is being offered in the case.

Anyone with information concerning this case should take no action, but instead immediately contact the nearest FBI Office or local law enforcement agency. For any possible sighting outside the United States, contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate.

Or call 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) with any information.

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    • Kimberly Godsey says:

      QUESTION: Why hasnt Steven Ray Thacker ever been checked into for the murder and disappearence of Danny Freeman, Kathy Freeman, Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman. It happened during his crime spree and it was in his path. He is about to be executed and I would like to know if he was involved. The timing is right on and he was a crazy killer.

  2. Donna Parrish says:

    Tell me I am not the only person who believes this animal, Steven Ray Thacker had something to do with the disappearance of these two girls and the murder of Danny and Kathy Freeman!!! I have felt this since all these things happened back in 1999.

  3. letsfindthem says:

    Hi Kimberly Godsey and Donna Parish,

    I wasn’t sure who Steven Ray Thucker was until earlier today when I wrote about his execution. It’s definitely possible, and would fit the time-frame of his crime spree. But, I’d have to wonder why he wouldn’t take any money or valuables. Wasn’t his main goal robbery?

    Vinita is only an hour away from Bixby, OK so it is very questionable.

  4. Devin Mc. says:

    Just watched the show on the ID channel. I cant believe that they missed the body until the next day. I wonder if it is possible that someone executed him some time after and burned him then brought his body back to the scene to make it look like he was there the whole time? Sad these families will never get closure. Wish i could send them my condolances. 😦

  5. I don’t believe the girls are still alive. Sadly I believe they were also killed that night

  6. lauren says:

    they looked in the pitcher and galena coal pits and i think they should look around oolagah and grand lake personally….i went to school with both girls and it bothers me to this day that nothing was ever conclusive and how it shook this small community…my grandma always said that i had a amazing instincts on things of this nature! God please rest her soul….that woman loved all children and from that day on she locked the door when she came home…

  7. Grace Hyde says:

    I cannot believe they did not investigate the boyfriend !!! The money was missing from the fridge, & he was the LAST to see them alive. Who would know about the money but someone close to either girl. I believe they are both Dead & the cops are pinning it on these Serial killers. Look in the river for their car, and the bodies. They ALWAYS suspect the last one to see the victims & in this case they did not. I want to know WHY !!!

    • I just watched this on an old Unsolved Mysteries on Lifetime and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they never talked to the boyfriend who was that the last known person to see them all alive. I decided to check it out online to see if there were any new updates and found this page among others. It seems to me that the Oklahoma State Police (I believe that is who took over the investigation) doesn’t want to solve this case very bad. Such a shame that because the Dad was small time drug dealer and was pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against their Sheriff’s dept, that this case was not dealt with more urgency. Now 2 teenage girls are still missing over a decade later. Makes you wonder who really was involved, boyfriend or someone within the Sheriff’s dept and if there is a cover up. I’m sorry, but lie detector tests can be passed by guilty people and failed by innocent people. Just a sloppy investigation at best.

      • okie says:

        its not that easy to fale a lie detector an steven ray thacker could have been the third party witch im no muder wishper but from most theres always that friend manson had a family they always had that thang they cant keep away a murder what I cant beleave still to this day is Y in the hell was this so sloppy I mean finding a body the next day is a 100% proved fact that the police didn’t do a deep clean search ! an there out there I still dead the bones I thank its just no looking deep anough just like that body they didn’t see until the next day but there was 2 people an unless your realy freaken nuts youll scout out the thang u want ! drugs I don’t thank had a part the shane kid was a open door for it people that kill watch tv read the news just like u go on a break from a job idk I new the bibles an they where good bible shane death wasn’t nothing but a broken kid! sad but nothing more have to face the facts to get the facts ! but this steven ray an the people that was post to there are dead someone about to die unless there some evil people an they look 100% evil an if u look into the mass muders there pure evil just like john wayne gasey was an he didn’t beleave he did it an the only person to interview him killed his self they always say u look deep anough youll see them in there eyes~!~ someone that never had a family to call there own ?

  8. okie says:

    an Steven Ray Thacker is a realy big guy them 2 could have but man that’s a new one 2 killers doing a job togather that don’t realy make it but this dude could due it alone that big

  9. kate says:

    Lauria Bible’s FATHER discovered the body of Mr Freeman, the day after the fire.
    That is how “well” the state of OK investigated this case. Not even 24hrs later they wrapped up their “investigation” of a crime scene!

    As for the lie detector tests taken by the Sheriff’s Department…… The full results have never been made public. We only have the Sheriff Departments word that their brothers of the shield passed those tests!
    Common criminals have passed them.

  10. roxana says:

    les comunicamos que las han visto unos niños que les enseñamos la foto porque nos parecio conocidad ellas estuvieron en la ciudad de distrito de catacaos departamento de Piura- país PERU
    bueno cualquier contacto fue en el cementerio de catacaos donde los niños las vieron el dia 14 de mayo del 2014 en la mañana. hay niños que las han visto una de ellas anda con un arete grande en la oreja.

  11. Mimi says:

    Whatever did happen . . . I believe that Lauria Bible just happened to be in the Freeman house on the wrong evening. The homicides that occurred that evening were preplanned. Someone brought a weapon to kill the Freemans and also an accelerant. It was about the Freemans. Was it really the Jones character? I dont think so. And I do not believe the girls are alive. The OSBI should continue to follow any leads because someone does know something. It would be merciful if that person would step up now and give the Freemans and the Bibles some peace.

  12. Lemisha says:

    Ok so I watched this show called “Disappeared” and they said Kathy and Danny had a bullet in their head and was shot before the fire even started and they said 2 people could have done it and one guy said he killed the girls and dumped their remains in a forest and the last guy said that the girls asked him for help so he tied them up the shot them in the head he said he shot Bible then Freeman

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