Random Murder Of Actress Still Unsolved Over 37 Years Later

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Unsolved In California
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Barbara Colby

Barbara Colby (July 2, 1940 – July 24, 1975)

Barbara Colby was an American actress born in NY, she moved to California in the 60’s and 70’s. She played guest-roles in Columbo, Gun smoke, The odd couple and many other movies and shows. A year before her death, In 1974, she appeared in two films, California Split and Memory of Us. Early in 1975, she co-starred in Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins.

In 1975, Barbara had starting acting in a TV show called ”Phyllis”, three episodes into the season, on July 25th, 1975, after taking part in an acting class in Venice, located in Los Angeles, she was walking with James Kiernan, a colleague of hers, passing threw a parking lot when both were shot by two gunmen in a drive-by shooting.

Barbara was killed instantly, James Kiernan however, died shortly after but not before giving the police the description of the gunmen. He stated both him and Barbara were shot at randomly and without warning, he also said they were strangers whom he didn’t no. The killers didn’t take any possessions or money, crossing out robbery as a motive.

It’s been over 37-years since Barbara Colby and her colleague were shot in a random act of violence, despite national attention and the efforts of law enforcement, her case remains unsolved.

  1. Chris Olson says:

    Who is the woman shown in the picture? I can assure you, it is not Barbara Colby.

  2. Veronica Davies says:

    It might be a picture of Christa Helm?

  3. jchollins says:

    You’re right Chris Olson…that is definitely not Barbara Colby.

  4. Daniel Frandsen says:

    I know i’m a year late…. but this photo is Lana Clarkson (of the Phil Spector murder) in her role as Amethea in ‘Barbarian Queen’ just as juicy but different story!!!

  5. Igor Tumbas says:

    References (reliable, presumably) state that Barbara Colby was born in 1939, and not 1940.

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