Pictured; Eric Keller

Vacaville, California: On January 9th, 1999 Eric Keller left his home in San Jose, California for a skiing trip at the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. He was suppose to return home later that day and when he didn’t, his family reported his disappearance to Sane Jose Police the next day. Family would of reported sooner but they know that the Police wouldn’t of took it seriously until at-least 24-hours.

On January 27th, 1999, the same day Eric was reported missing, his 1998 Saab was found locked and abandoned by the California Highway Patrol near Interstate 80 in Vacaville. 

On the morning of January 11th, Keller’s partially clothed body was discovered in a field approximately one half of a mile from where his car was found. Cause of death appeared to be blunt force trauma.

Eric was last alive on January 8th, 1999 purchasing something at a store in Campbell (CA)

Witnesses reported seeing a cream colored, 80’s model, Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager. (No luggage racks on top.) with two people in it on Jan 10th, 1999 in the early morning hours. One was a Caucasian male with long, strait, shoulder length hair, at-least 6”-feet-tall.. The other occupant was a dark-skinned (Possibly Black) male with short, black hair, height unknown. They were seen driving near the crime-scene around Lagoon Valley and Vacaville. Law enforcement would like to speak to them to see if maybe they seen anything or anyone that night. The two unidentified drivers could possibly know something and not realize. Law enforcement does NOT consider these two people ”suspects.”


Anyone with information on this cold case or know’s the two unidentified drivers above, is asked to contact Detective Don Waller (707) 449-5215 – OR; Anonymous Tip Hotline: (707) 449-5267


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