Scott Lee Peterson, Sentenced To Death Wendesday – Click here for full article

  • Scott Peterson was  convicted in 2004 of murdering his wife,  Laci, and their unborn son Conner Peterson on Christmas Eve 2002
  • Her torso and fetus were found in April 2003  in San Francisco Bay
  • He has always maintained his innocence
  • Judge described the former fertilizer salesman crime as cruel, heartless, callous, uncaring.
  • Scott Peterson was sent to death-row at San Quentin State Prison

Photo Of Scott Peterson and his former wife, Lacey Peterson.

Scott Peterson was sentenced to death Wednesday. Above is a photo of his jail-cell, he is currently living in isolation but get’s to spend up to five-hours per day outside with other inmates.

As a memorial of stuffed animals, flowers andcandles swelled in front of his Modesto home,Scott Peterson sat across town in a 6-by-9 foot cell. Peterson spent his first night behind bars, sleeping on a 2-inch-thick mattress in a single-person cell, officials said.

“We absolutely do not want to treat this gentleman any differently than we do anyone else,” said Stanislaus County sheriff’s Lt. Janet Rasmussen, who oversees the downtown Modesto jail. “He’s being treated exactly as we would anybody else.”

The former fertilizer salesman will probably be sent within 48 hours to death row at San Quentin State Prison, overlooking the bay where Laci Peterson’s body was discarded, officials said. Peterson became the 644th person awaiting lethal injection in California.

  1. miguel says:

    Yea I was in jail in redwood city and I sow scott he was smiling all the time. I think that hes where he belongs

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