Abduction Of Missouri Woman Still Unsolved Over Two Decades Later

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Pictured; Angela ”Angie” Hammond

Henry County, MO – Angela ”Angie” Hammond, born February 9th, 1971, was a 20-year-old who lived in a peaceful, low-crime town in Clinton, Missouri. She was described as a popular, friendly, pretty young woman who got along with everyone. She was pregnant and engaged to her High-school sweetheart, Rob Shafer, a former highschool athlete who proposed to her and planned to be with her for the rest of his life. But that hope shattered when Angie was taken away suddenly.

On April 4th, 1991, four month’s into her pregnancy,  she and Rob attended a cook-out and after the cook-out she dropped him off at his home. Before driving away she kissed him and told him she would call him in a couple of hours. “That was about ten o’clock. I was going to meet her back uptown as soon as my mom got home. I was watching my little brother at the time. And she called later on that night.”  Said Rob.

At 11:45pm, approximately one-hour later, Angie pulled into a parking lot at a Food Barn Store in Clinton, about several blocks from her home to use the pay-phone and call Rob. The parking lot was empty, and as she was speaking to Rob, she mentioned a truck pulling in and circling the parking-lot and according to Rob, she said it was an older model (late 60’s early 70’s) green ford F-150 pick-up truck. At that point in the conversation she wasn’t very concerned. Clinton was a friendly town and she grew-up believing that. But, her feelings changed to uneasiness when the truck parked next to the booth’s and a ”filthy looking Caucasian man” got out to use the phone-booth next to her.,as she talked in the phone-booth.

“He used the phone next to her, got back in his truck, and looked at something with a flashlight. She described the flashlight to me over the phone. He was looking for something. I had her ask him if he needed to use the phone. Maybe the other phone was broken. And he said, no, he’d try again in a minute. Then we just talked about other things. We weren’t too worried about it. And that’s when I heard her scream on the phone.   I heard her scream. The only thing that went through my mind was getting up there and finding out what the hell was going on.   I just dropped the phone and ran out of the house. I didn’t hang the phone back up, and just headed up there.

As Robbie was driving towards the pay phone, a pick up truck sped past in the other direction:“Somebody yelled out the window, “Robbie!” That’s how I knew it was them.”

Rob turned around on the street and chased the pickup through downtown. The transmission was severely damaged due to Rob throwing his car into reverse. He didn’t realize until he drove two more miles and his transmission suddenly failed:“It started dying as I was making my right turn. This guy turned off to the right. All I saw was his brake-lights and dust.”

For more information and a better description of Angela Hammond and the unknown abductor, please Click here.

  1. Russell Campbell Jr says:

    Not a day goes by I do not think about Angela. When i see the year 1991 she enters my mind. My Bday is April 2nd, two days before that awful night. I always hope someday she’ll be found,and her killer will be identified. I’m 33 years old I remember watching the Unsolved Mysteries episode back in 1992 and it never left me it haunts me. God Bless You Angela And Your Family I’ll never stop hoping You are returned to your family, and your killer is revealed. SIncerly, Russell

  2. Dale Johnson says:

    I have no idea why this case hasn’t been solved. Everything reported about this one doesn’t point to anyone other than the boyfriend. What woman on earth would stop at a payphone only seven blocks from her boyfriend’s home to call him? Even stranger is why in the hell would she call just to tell her boyfriend where she was and that the parking lot was empty? Why would she be so detailed about a truck that pulled up, and give such a good description to her boyfriend about this man’s description(filthy looking Caucasian man), and even describe the flashlight? Her boyfriend is lying through his teeth. If she is cognitive enough to be giving such a description to him, she would have been cognitive enough to know to get the hell out of there period. He goes to investigate himself and not only sees the truck, but hears his girlfriend scream his name as he passed it. This means that her window would have had to have been at least partially rolled down, meaning her hands were either not bound or the abductor had left the window down prior to taking her. Now assuming that her hands were NOT bound, the next assumption would be that she is fighting the man who just took her…she would be fighting even harder once she realized her boyfriend was behind her. I’m no detective, but come on…I can almost guarantee that if law enforcement had leaned on the boyfriend a little harder, he would have told the truth. Now, it probably is too late to solve because any physical evidence is long gone…and it’s a shame.

    • pt21dalcow@Aol.com says:

      Dale you really believe it was Rob? The question I have is Angela was pregnant with another man’s child, did anyone ever investigate him? maybe he wasn’t so keen on becoming a father and someone he knew could have said I can take care of this problem for you. I have never on all of these threads, seen anyone ask this question what about the biological father of angela’s baby? I mean was there any resentment with her keeping a child that he might have wanted nothing to do with and was looking for a way out?

      • Guest says:

        if it were the biological father, rob said she was in the truck yelling his name.
        So I guess that story was a lie? I think she would have known the father and not described him as a stranger. He’s lying, his story makes No Sense. I wish someone would listen and look at the facts.
        Even now….. Try to get justice for this girl.

    • Guest says:

      AND…. he throws in car in to reverse without hitting the brakes first.
      The car fails then stops and he does what? Does he run to the nearest home or store to get help? NO. Does he stop ANYONE to give chase or to ask for help? NO. He is lying, I have been posting the same questions for years. I felt so bad for her family watching them defend this murderer.
      I watched his behavior and his expressions during the interview, he is a sociopath.
      The investigators dropped the ball…. he got away with murdering this young girl.

  3. Russell Campbell Jr says:

    Dale do you really think it was Rob? Has anyone ever asked this question? Angela was 4 months pregnant with another man’s baby. Has he ever been questioned? I mean maybe there was someone who said hey I can take care of this problem for you. I mean did this kid even want anything to do with this child? I have read every possible comment on just about every thread and no one has ever asked this question. How was their relationship? Was is volitale ? Did her becoming pregnant put a severe strain on their relationship to were it became very troublesome? I mean think about it? We see these kind of things everyday in our own lives, and on tv, and we know just how bad these situations can get. Down right ugly! Is there anyone out there that can cosign to my question or suggestion?

    • Guest says:

      Again, according to rob she was abducted by someone in a truck.
      He killed her, hid the body somewhere local to him, put her car in that lot, walked home and made up this story and the morons investigating this case believed him. a sociopath can fool polygraph machines. Yep, He did it…. So sad.

    • Sandy says:

      Are you saying the baby Angela was pregnant with was not her fiance’s?

  4. dale johnson says:

    No doubt in my mind as to who did this. Think about this: Why would Rob tell Angie to ask this guy if he needed to use the phone when (ACCORDING TO WHAT HE TOLD THE POLICE) the man was already in the booth next to her using the phone. Interesting huh? If he’s lying about a minute detail…he’s lying about everything. He made the entire conversation up because he knew initially the police would take him at his word thereby throwing the investigation off. And it’s also my understanding that he was the father of the baby. I could be wrong on that though.

    • Javier says:

      That’s a fine theory but don’t you find it hypocritical that through out your statement there’s “No doubt in your mind who did this.” but yet at the very end you “could be wrong.” on the baby’s father

      Fact is, you don’t know anything yet you assert you “know” who’s guilty. People. You have to reflect on your statements and realize that suspicion is not evidence and without having truly intimate knowledge of the situation, you don’t know diddly squat. Such accusations only do a disservice to everyone. Including yourself. If it were up to you Rob Shafer would be behind bars without due process just because “you know!” yet provided not one shred of evidence besides your feelings. How would you like to be accused in the same manner? People lives get destroyed based on suspicion. Innocent people. Even sometimes put in danger all because you have a “feeling”. How debased and nonsensical. Not because I say so but because it just is. It’s the law of common sense.

      I knew both Angela and Rob Shafer. I went to school with Angela. She wasn’t so nice to me but that’s just life and people. You don’t have to like everyone you meet. What happened to her is a tragedy. I ended up meeting Rob years later at a party in Butler, Missouri. Didn’t even know who he was until I opened my big mouth about Angela and my friend promptly told me to “Shut the *** up” right before Rob entered the room. Real nice even affable guy but I could tell he had his problems with what had happened. Even years later he’d get drawn into depression. Was it pretense? I don’t know .. can’t say. I’m not in his head nor do I pretend to “know.”

      My over all point is this. Think about you say before you say it because suspicion and rumors are contagious. Especially in this day and age. What if Rob is innocent? Then all you’re doing is compounding the agony of a already tortured life. Keep your an open mind but stop with this witch hunt mentality. Act like you got some real character.

  5. Sandy says:

    I hated what happened to Angela & what her family has to go through not knowing what happened, but there is one question I have. What was she doing at a payphone after 11:00 at night? Did she not have a phone at her house? If Angela & Rob were planning on meeting later that night, then why didn’t she just stay at his house until his mom got home?

  6. Kel says:

    I read about this story several years back and even then the boyfriends story just didn’t seem to make sense to me. There are several questions posted here that are left unanswered and one would think police would be inclined to ask these questions. But, this was in 1991, in a small town with “small town” police and “small town” resources. Not to say all police in small towns aren’t capable of solving a crime like this, but let’s just leave it at: some crimes need to be handed over to a department more “experienced”. I’ve read on several websites and threads about this case that Rob drove a truck similar to the type of truck he described he chased. So did 1600 other people in a few hundred mile radius, according to the DMV’s list of registered vehicles matching the late 60’s, early 70’s, green Ford F150 with a fishing decal on the back window! (Rob’s didn’t match exactly…but was “similar” to some degree.) Apparently that was a fairly common truck/decal at the time! Two people seen this truck in the area about the time she disappeared but they didn’t see (or hear) Rob in his vehicle, who jammed it into reverse so quickly that it tore up the transmission. One would think his tires would have made noise from them changing directions so quickly…twice(once throwing into reverse, then back into drive again). I also find it odd that a man is going to kidnap a woman who is talking on the phone. How did he know she didn’t tell the person she was on the phone with the description of the vehicle, what he looked like, or possibly even a license plate number? That is another thing that doesn’t sit right about his story. She relayed to him what the flashlight looked like, but not a plate number? She could see the flashlight in his hand, in the dark? Now the use of the flashlight changes depending on what website you’re reading and where they got their information. Some say the man was sitting in the truck with the flashlight looking around for something, making it even more difficult for her to see in any detail what the flashlight looked like, but other articles say the man was outside of the truck looking around on the ground for something. That would make it a little more visible if there had been some bright lights in this parking lot. (It was around 11PM, therefor absolutely dark outside!) Rob said he was babysitting his brother, just 7 blocks from the crime scene, why did she stop at the pay phone to call him to cancel their plans? Why didn’t she just go to the house? Thinking about this logically, would you stop in an empty parking lot after dark, spend money to use the payphone, or would you drive the few extra blocks and go talk to your fiance in person? Rob also says she describes the man as a “filthy man with a mustache, beard, and glasses”(again the description varies depending on the article), but the sketch of the man Rob helped police to make didn’t have any facial hair? Now, the paternity of the child seems rather interesting to me. They were “High school sweethearts”, but the child wasn’t his? She was only four months along and she was 20 years old, which means she had been out of High School for two years….I’m sure you can do the math! That situation couldn’t have been easy on their relationship and puts the motive into his hands. Some articles in the papers around that time seemed hell bent on making her disappearance and two others within a few months connected. They didn’t say it was for certain but police don’t like to believe in coincidence either. That may have started as more public thinking and fear of a serial killer than actual evidence. The two other women were both working at convenient stores when they were abducted, one was found a few days after she was taken, shot twice in the head. The other has never been found. Then Angela was abducted. Were those two abductions ACTUALLY connected, were they sheer luck, or was someone hoping the police would blame the men responsible for those murders for Angela’s as well? One did write that the pair had killed other women they hadn’t been charged with and one of them does meet the “filthy white guy with a mustache” look. But, they had a van, not a pickup with a decal on the window. I do believe they know who is responsible; they just don’t have the evidence they need. As a parent, I think after more than 20 years I would just want my daughters remains found so she could be placed to rest properly, then go get the SOB that did it! I certainly wouldn’t want to try to go to trial and risk a not guilty verdict! Convicting someone of murder without having the body isn’t easy to do. Especially when their BEST suspect is the one person no one wants to believe could have done it! I remember when Lacy Peterson was killed. Her family didn’t want to believe her husband killed her and their unborn son…but he did! Sometimes the truth is harder to believe!

  7. Outlaw says:

    I was 19 when this happened and I remember it very well.I also remember the Police, the FBI, and the Lafayette county sheriff absolutely ram sacking a place just west of Odessa Mo. looking for Angela’s body. How many people ever heard that story?
    I am 42 years old today and remember the thoughts going through my mind “my gawd! someone just got kidnapped in small town Missouri!? I live in small town Missouri! that could have happened here!” Then not long after that, all hell was breaking lose in another small town in Missouri while they searched for her body.
    I am 42 years old now and from then until now, not one day has went by that it has not crossed my mind. In fact, I once told a close friend of mine that if it were the last thing I ever did I would get solid facts on her case and put the rumors to rest. Now, 23 years later here I sit, Angela’s kidnapping on my mind again and not one damn thing I can do about it. However, I can say this, the man that I suspect in this is in prison now and he will NEVER walk this earth a free man again. That gives absolutely no closure to Angela’s family or friends, but, unfortunately it is the best I can do.

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