Henry Hudson Parkway Unidentified Child (Baby Hope)

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Unidentified People, Unsolved In NY
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Baby Hope was located on July 23, 1991 in Henry Hudson Parkway, Manhattan, NYC – Cause of death was homicide, she had been asphyxiated. Description:Extimated age: 3-5-years-old Height and Weight: 3’2″; 30 lbs. Distinguishing Characteristics: Long wavy black hair, which was worn in a ponytail held by a yellow plastic ponytail holder. Eye color could not be determined. She had olive colored skin although some have ”fair skin” listed. She is Caucasian and possibly Hispanic descent. Examination by x-rays revealed she had no history of broken bones. She was malnourished Clothing: The child was wearing no clothes save for a light green linen-type cloth.. Dentals: Her front teeth were prominent. The child had kept all of her baby teeth and there was no evidence she ever had dental work.

On July 23rd, 1991, a decomposed body of a female child was discovered in a blue picnic cooler beside the Henry Hudson Parkway near Dyckman Street in Manhattan, NY. In the months that followed a few inconclusive facts emerged. The child was described as being between 3-5 years old. She was malnourished. She had been sexually abused.

A witness told police that while passing in a car on the Henry Hudson Parkway, she observed a well-dressed couple carrying a picnic cooler nine days prior to the body being found. Police believe they may be looking for a male/female relationship of either a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife.

She was given the name ”Baby Hope” which was put on her grave-stone.

Baby Hope
 Clockwise from top Left: Early drawings of Baby Hope, her grave stone, Baby Hope was found nude accept for this yellow plastic ponytail holder, the cooler she was found in.

No one knew beyond a police artist’s sketch what she looked like. Until 01/15/92. The Bergen County Prosecutor announced that five Polaroid photographs found in June beside Route 46 in Garfield, N.J., near Saddle Brook, were pictures of the girl in the cooler.

“If it is in fact the little girl, then it is a very big break for us,” Lieut. Joseph Reznick, commander of the 34th Precinct, said. The photos were in a shopping bag on a shoulder of Route 46 near Midland Avenue on June 14. Each showed the girl having oral sex with a man whose face was cropped out of the pictures, Prosecutor John J. Fahy said yesterday.

“Around October one of our officers thought perhaps the two cases were related because of the similarities between the photos and the police composites,” Mr. Fahy said.

Investigators sent the skull and photos to the Federal Bureau of Investigation forensic laboratory in Washington. With help from Dr. Douglas H. Ubelaker of the Smithsonian Institution, the F.B.I. determined that the girl in the photographs and the one in the cooler were almost certainly the same.


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  1. Cam says:

    Baby Hope has been identified and so has her killer.

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