Could Michaela Garecht’s 24 Year Old Unsolved Kidnapping Finally Be Solved? Family Awaiting Results Of Bone Fragments Found In A Linden Well

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Unsolved In California
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Could Michaela Garecht’s 24 Year Old Unsolved Kidnapping Finally Be Solved? Family Waiting For Results Of Bone Fragments Found In Linden Well

On the afternoon of 11/19/88, Nine year old Michaela Joy Garecht and a neighborhood friend rode their scooters in Hayward, California. This was a typical day for the little girl and both of them decided to scoot down Mission Boulevard to go to a local store a.k.a ”Rainbow Supermarket,” which was two blocks from her home. They parked their scooters and went into the market, on the way out Michaela noticed her friends scooter was moved in a different location from where they originally parked and when she went to retrieve it an unknown Caucasian male grabbed her against her will and forced her into his vehicle and sped away.

Michaela nor her kidnapper have not been seen since.

Her unidentified abductor was described as a young Caucasian male between the ages of 18-25 at the time of the 1988 abduction. He also had acne scars and a pimpled-face (pock-mocked.)

Missing girl Michaela Garecht and an artist's conception of her kidnapper. >

Left; Artist composite drawing of what Michaela’s kidnapper looked like in 1988. Right; Photo of Michaela Garecht.

Michaela’s abduction soon made national headlines and missing posters were making it’s way around the Country. Tips were pouring in left and right but all proved fruitless. Now almost twenty-four years later bone fragments were discovered in Hayward, in a Linden well and Michaela’s family are anxiously waiting for lab-results which police say could take weeks to come in.


Click the link above for the full story on the bone fragments discovered.

  1. I’m officially considered a witness to the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping however my statements requested by the El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson were classified from the media at first by my own request, I have now since requested the statement be de-classified now that I was able to gather more evidence and am now working with federal PhD’s and law enforcement who helped me put all the many pieces together since the day Jaycee Dugard ran up to my taxi cab begging for help saying she was kidnapped only to find Donald Atkinson who ran 911 that day refused to send police to help Jaycee after telling me it was a known mother daughter dispute after the taxi dispatcher and I gave the exact location and address of where Jaycee Dugard was, I then moved to Denver the next early morning only to find several attempts on my life were made as I realized someone was viciously stalking me since until only just before his arrest in 2012 on 44 felonies was I finally able to make the connections with help form investigators I’ve decided to now go public with including a book explaining. You can find more of the story here:

    or here:

    Anyone with more information can contact the FBI or law enforcement.

  2. Bryan says:

    I just wanted to point out that the sketch of the possible suspect is identical to the suspect sketch in the famous kidnapping of Johnny Gosch. If you check the Johnny Gosch foundation website, you will see an identical sketch made of a suspect. Maybe there is a connection.

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