Emily Jeanette GarciaAn unidentified body was found on February 25, 1993 approximately 1.5 miles north on Old Cranes Mill Road off of Highway 46 in Canyon Lake, Texas by a road crew. The decomposing body was reported to the New Braunfels Police and Comal County Sheriff’s Office. The body was listed as a Jane Doe.

The medical examiners concluded that Jane Doe was a victim of murder and that she was carrying an unborn child.

A year later a friend of the murder victim phoned the family about the Jane Doe being a possible match to a teen who went missing from San Antonio.

It was verified from a fingerprint card that Jane Doe was the body of 15-year-old Emily Jeanette Garcia, who was reported missing on February 12, 1993 from San Antonio, TX.

Emily Jeanette Garcia was born on July 27, 1977 in Fort Hood, Texas to Roy Garcia and Sheila Smith-Ramirez. She is the younger sister of Elizabeth Garcia and according to authorities she was about 3 months pregnant at the time of her death however, family members say she was further into her pregnancy then what’s listed. In fact, she was able to determine that her unborn child was male and had already picked out the name Emilio.

February 12, 1993, the day of her disappearance, Garcia had boarded the city bus in San Antonio, Texas to go to an appointment with the health service to see how far along she was in her pregnancy. Her mother had occupied her and stayed with her till she boarded the bus for her appointment and then Sheila went on to her job. Emily never made it to her appointment and that was the last time her mother had seen her daughter alive.

Garcia was kidnapped and held against her will for twelve days. She had been raped, beaten and murdered by strangulation. There isn’t a description of a suspect available.

Initially her body was buried as Jane Doe in Bracken Cemetery on March 30, 1993 by Zoeller’s Funeral Home, but was later exhumed and buried as Emily Jeanette Garcia in Somerset, Texas by her family.

According to Garcia’s mother, Sheila Smith-Ramirez, they received a copy of the original Death Certificate on Sept 9, 2003, but it did not list her daughter as Jane Doe instead, it said N/A. They also have her listed as Caucasian and not of Hispanic Origin, which she was.  The cause of death is listed as strangulation, but newspaper articles claimed she had been sexually abused and that she was already dead before the killer(s) tied her up.

So as you can see, there are many inconsistencies in this case.

Garcia’s case is still open and still being investigated by New Braunfels Police Department, Texas Rangers and the San Antonio FBI. The agencies have not had any leads in years and Garcia’s case fades away as the years go on. However, It has NOT faded with family and loved ones who remain devastated decades later. They’re still determined to find out who is responsible for the death of Garcia and her unborn child. You can visit a website memorial for additional information on Emily Garcia.

A Lifetime movie titled The Killing Secret was made which recreates the abduction and murder of Emily Garcia. Clicking the link will bring you to the full movie which has been posted on YouTube. Scenes have been dramatized.

Her case remains unsolved.

Anyone with information regarding this cold case is urged to please contact:

Det. Tommy Ward,
Comal County Sheriff’s office
email address: soatgw@co.comal.tx.us
Case #93-01164 or
Emily’s Family
Sheila Smith-Ramirez
or Emily’s Aunt
Theresa Yeary

  1. Billy Pfitzer says:

    Surviving a horrible abduction myself over 35 years ago,& being missing in my own home town for almost 5 months,I know the horrors of being abducted.The first time I was put through the experience,the man kept me locked in his home,& used me as a sex slave.I was around 8 at the time.Had it not been for a very sympathetic wife,I probably would have never gotten released & returned home.The memories of this ordeal have never left me.When my elderly mother was abducted,abused by a very corrupt system,& later murdered,I thought my early years were traumatic.I want these monsters caught & prosecuted to the full extent of the law.The fact she was put through such a nightmare is bad enough,the fact the state of florida has been reluctant to admit wrongdoing & expose the conspiracy that cost me my mother,shows me they don’t give a hang about justice.I hope someday to expose those responsuible & bring them to justice.

    • ladyblueii says:

      Well if Mary Day Coker is the Prosecuting Attorney for Alachua County, FL…hang it up. She isn’t worth the sweat on my dogs balls……She lets Child Molesters go free because if the case doesn’t lay her work out for her? Then don’t expect much out of her…all you will get is about a half ass believable bullshit talk about her reputation as “Rattlesnake”. Well let me tell you…3 little girls I knew were molested by their father. She had 1 year to prepare for this case. You know what she did? Waited till the day before trial, & realized her “Witness’s” ( the victim children) have been sent back to another state to live with maternal grandparents. So, she didn’t bother to call, she didn’t care one way or the other. She closed the file & it sits in her “Closed” cases. She spends more time trying to sell her ability then she needs too. What a waste of wind & time this woman was. Now they are adults. I can tell you after not talking to them for almost 26yrs. When I did? The horrors that they told me they had lived through after the Florida incident where they were molested by their own father….was even more horrible…..I cried for a week. ONE THE MAN HEARD I WAS TALKING TO THEM, MADE HIM FEEL AS IF I WAS INTERESTED IN HIM! MADE ME SICK & MY SKIN CRAWL KNOWING HE THINKS IT”S ULTIMATELY HIM I AM TRYING TO REACH. WHAT A SICK CRAZY PUKE! So, I do not contact them anymore where he can see it anyhow, or know. BTW…once he got off on that…he moved back to where his kids were, got them back…and molested them for a few more years & then shared them with his brothers who were BOTH locked up years earlier for kidnapping & raping a little 10yr old girl while riding her bicycle. BOTH OF HIS BROTHERS. & THAT IS WHO HE LET TAKE HIS LITTLE DAUGHTERS! OH & THEN PROCEEDED TO TELL EVERYONE HIS DAUGHTER FAILED A POLYGRAPH & WAS A CONFESSED LIAR….So they let him go…NO CHARGES! MAKES ME SICK TO THIS DAY….BUT I DO KNOW THIS: HE HAS TO MEET HIS MAKER ONE DAY….& THAT IS SATAN THAT HAS BEEN CALLING HIM IN HIS DREAMS ALL THESE YEARS!

  2. Zachary Morgan says:

    I know something about this case I have been working on ths for a couple of months now because I found it interesting. I am 14 years old but I really took this seriously so please believe me. I did some research and just from reading I figured out that she was raped, kidnapped, and finally killed by three people. DNA samples that I okay I admit I hacked the hospital data based (for a good cause) looked at the samples and they were all very similar but each with a slight difference so I think that they were siblings. They were also darker skined probably Hispanic. this is all i know at the moment i am stuck with how the rest of the case email me thanks

  3. Billy Pfitzer says:

    The hardest part of surviving abduction is not knowing where the person who abducted me is now,& how many other victims there might have been.What was even harder was telling my family about the experience.Because I am bipolar,many think these may be misplaced or artificial memories from years of being exploited as a drag queen,& hypnotherapy & medication therapy.I remember the experience.I know it was real.As far as unsolved murder experience,the hardest part is not recovery,it is catching & punishing those responsible for the heartache we as surviving family members endure.I wish my family was more understanding & supportive.Everyone’s prayers & feedback are welcome.

  4. Kwbond says:

    Question, who was the father of her unborn child? Was he married and much older?

  5. Cheryl says:

    I tried checking out the Link to the website her aunt made for her – it’s way too flashy. By the time I looked at the first page, my eyes couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sure there are details in there about her that aren’t listed here. The first page does say that there is, “information about her life”.

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