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    im very sorry to the family of the two young ladies murdered in Oakland…..it was someone looking for me and just shot the first people he saw because i lost him in his 4 cylinder tracks and LATIFA ALI his driver in a red HLR and a white charger. check (the motive was money over a film and herion i refused to send to east coast)……….he is career criminal and according to his documentary rants and raves about murder and herion use…. He is OG “SKIP” AKA WILLIAM MCKINLEY JOHNSON. he lives in taunton mass. he has served multiple sentences for multiple homicides He shot at me pulled off my poodles head and made me drink his OWN HIV/AIDS BLOOD days before this incident.. I feel so reponsiple so i am pleading to the family for your forgiveness. He has so many guns i had reported to SACRAMENTO PD BUT AFTER WATCHING THE NEWS FEDERAL AGENTS HAVE ARRESTED SAC SHERRIFFS FOR THE SAME GUNS THIS GUY HAS. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! IM SCARED AND DONT KNOW WHO TO TURN TO. OUR COPS ARE CROCKED AND THATS WHATS TAKEN ME SO LONG TO RESPOND. IM SORRY!!!!!!!!!! awogbade@icloud. All the evidence is on my icloud. i recorded his initial shots at me and sounds of the 36 that hit the girls….he had a car of automatic weapons. he and his crew (some sac pd officers for hire) have been in my facebook and blocked all my mail from my home address at 29 lake vista court sacramento, california 95831.

  2. Whomever is posting our story here, THANK YOU. We have now passed the 8th anniversary of Brittany’s murder and burial 10/4/04. We ahve compared her killer’s DNA to more than 2000 suspect’s DNA with no matches. As of today 12/19/12 I have done 10 CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tours (the last 3 in my Nissan Cube after my RAV 4 dies at 300000 miles). I have drive 67000 miles across 46 states where 106 reporters have gifted us with stories that both help us seek tips and even more so educate communities about the need for DNA at arrest. Sadly when states like Oklahoma and 24 others wait until conviction to take DNA, the rapist and violent predators mayt get arrested afte a few years of doing their crimes but often won’t get convicted until they have ben arrested 10-20 times across as many years. When we get their DNA at conviction we usally match it backwards over the past 10-20 years and as many crimes. If we had taken the DNA at their 1st arrest we would have stoppped them early in their carreer. If you read the scientific websites about forensic DNA you will realize their is nothing that that DNA can be used for. Your blood is more ar risk at a doctor’s office of being used for illegal purposes. Please visit brittanyphillipsmurder.net and help us find our liller and stop others. Again thank you for whomever put up this page.

    • letsfindthem says:

      Hi Maggie Zingman, I am sorry for all you have been threw and I must say, you seem like a very strong, determined woman and mother. Your daughter’s homicide did not go in vain and I feel that you will get answers. I know sometimes it can take a long time and I absolutely agree that laws need to be changed. So many murders could be avoided. Yet, much to often I read about a cold cases and the perpetrator is almost always somebody with a history of earlier offenses. Now, had the DNA been taken earlier on when he committed his first offense, he wouldn’t of gone undetected and unidentified for so many years. I’m not sure if you have an online petition but if so I would like to sign it and post the link as well. I know websites like change.org can generate many signatures because Internet-users (like myself) who sign up, receive emails everytime someone submits a new petition. If thousands signed the petition, lawmakers might be pressured to change how DNA is taken. Just a thought!

      • Billy Pfitzer says:

        As the surviving son of two individuals whom I believe were the victims of negligent homicide,those being my parents,which the police have never asked me to supply them with documents to prove who I believe was responsible for their deaths,I can tell the world this is a nightmare I would never wish on anyone.Because I am not rich,homeless,living in the streets of Orlando for as long as I have,the police just don’t seem to care to learn the truth about what they consider regrettable losses in society.The doctors dont always get it right,& when it goes wrong,it goes horribly wrong.I wish justice for them & for all the victims of unsolved crimes in Florida.I appreciate the community taking the time to help me.Let’s get these murders solved.

  3. I guess I never saw your response. Thank you again. I have recently discovered that the majority of unsolved cases across the US have a few things in common. One of these is strangulation. I am trying to contadct experts about this.

    Could I ask a personal question. I have met thousands of families across the US. So many of them do not have any national press but so many do. I noticed that a lifetime movie was done. So many of the families I am close to have had AMW, 48 hrs, NBC today etc. For years I have attempted to get a story. Sometimes I think Brittany had the unfortunate luck (sic) of being middle class in mid america and having an unsensational murder. Yet here it goes unsolved and is called the most mysterious murder of 2004 and since 2004 in Tulsa. With all my and the fact that 107 reporters have shared our story across 46 states, I thought at some point national news would take interest. But I have only exposed our case to 1/10000 of the people national news would. That is why I keep travelling and why I am trying to create a national network that would share unsolved homcides across the US–Brittany’s Bridge. We were again blocked for DNA at Arrest this year but we did get it to the Senate floor. Yes the petition may be a way. And you are coorect. I have study after study showing how many rapes and murders would not have occured if cerrtain predators would have had their DNA taken at arrest—-this is part of the reason ours, yours and mine go unsolved. Please feel free to contact me at therapoet@aol.com…with gratitude Maggie Zingman…Brittany’s mom

  4. raasnio says:

    This blog serves a great purpose. Thank you. Also, as to the topic of taking DNA at arrest it’s a great idea. At the very least it can speed up the conviction, or non-conviction, whichever the case may be, or establish a history of evidence against an individual who has no business being free.

  5. Billy Pfitzer says:

    People believe that Marilyn was the victim of homicide.I KNOW she was.I studied her case for 35 years.I read the reports.It is amazing how much is still NOT known.What is even more amazing is the amount of time & money spent trying to solve her case.The fact I chose to impersonate her both when I was younger & now,I can tell you it is a feeling I love.I LOVE being her.She is a very special lady.My mother also was a very special lady,but,she wasn’t a celebrity or a movie star.Yet she suffered horribly by a system that went horribly wrong,& cost me dearly.The fact my family doesn’t like me talking about it,or being in the “trades” I have chosen,,shouldn’t stop law enforcement from taking a more active role in helping me resolve her homicide.I appreciate the community reaching out to help me get this matter resolved.Let’s not let this be listed as a regrettable loss.I want answers.

    • Billy Pfitzer says:

      I am still trying to get people interested in doing a video for youtube,explaining what I believe happened to Marilyn,& what they would be doing today.John would probably be an even better dresser now than he was then.I am still looking for a house that we could use to recreate the house where she supposedly passed.I believe the theory she was slain somewhere else,then,the body was moved & posed in her home.I would love to know if anyone has a vehicle that resembles the ambulance of the period,the hearse,& the car Kennedy was in & the lead motorcade car in the motorcade video.I would also like to have someone rent a motel room for about a week,for the final video shoot.Let me know if anyone can donate wardrobe,wigs,etc. & time & vehicles for the video.I think this will win us an Oscar.I believe she suffered a lot from medications & mental health abuse trying to meet the demands of others for her time & schedule.I also believe she was pregnant,& want to portray what her children would look like now.I believe the history of being given the wrong prescriptions matches what happened to my mother.Email & post a reply if interested.

  6. Billy Pfitzer says:

    I am still seeking information on people who are willing to write the story about these murder mysteries that occurred in my family.I appreciate feedback,& would welcome meeting with writers & college newslettter writers,who would be interested in doing a documentary & exposing these articles for the world to read.

  7. Billy, do you have email? If so email me at therapoet@aol.com…maggie

    • Billy Pfitzer says:

      Maggie,I would welcome hearing more from you.It would be nice to talk more about these things with people who are open minded & understanding.

  8. Billy Pfitzer says:

    I am still wanting to hear from people who are wanting to help me resolve some of the issues I brought up in these posts.Please,let me know what you can do to help me get the answers I seek.

  9. Billy Pfitzer says:

    I also wanted to hear from mystery buffs who are willing to help me research not only my family cases,but Marilyn’s as well.I still like to impersonate her,Cher & others.Please,keep me posted on what you would like to do to help me get these answers.

  10. Billy Pfitzer says:

    I don’t know which is harder,getting over the horrible losses of both of my parents to the negligence of others,& their being mis-diagnosed & mis-treated & medicated as badly as they were,or,trying to recover from being abducted when I was little & exploited as I was by neighbors.Remembering being abused by a daycare worker when I was 5 is hard,remembering being pimped out by strangers in the 1970’s is hard too.The neighbor who abducted me lived a few blocks from my home,& I spent 4 months (maybe more) being his little girl slave,with others in the same home.Had it not been for his wife,who knows what else may have happened to me.Whether these people were ever caught or exposed also remains a mystery.I hope others will have the courage to come forward,& help me to unveil the truth.I would love to know where these people are now.

    • letsfindthem says:

      Hi Billy, that’s horrible! Very sorry for all you have been threw but glad you’re being a voice to others who experienced abduction or abuse. I hope you’re doing ok now, as an adult. Goodluck to you!

  11. Billy Pfitzer says:

    Somewhat.I waited a long time to tell my family about some of my experiences.Many thought because I have a history of bipolar disorder,that maybe some of the memories were artificial,like bad dreams or something.Some thought I was just wacked.I wish it were that simple.It is tough hearing some strangers reactions,people that don’t know me,but,that is why social media should be used to compare notes with other survivors,& let people know about genuine experiences,& break the silence.Why should we suffer the pain of remembering & feel guilty about surviving such traumas? We need to talk about it,& not feel bad about remembering or surviving these kinds of experiences.I hope I am giving people more courage to discuss what they would otherwise find hard to talk about.It is VERY important you speak out,& never be afraid of criticism,as long as what you are discussing are things you know are real.

  12. Billy Pfitzer says:

    It makes it even harder when the state of florida is trying to force my estate into bankruptcy,even though their claim is false.My mother was elderly,blind,& of limited capacity,& unable to enter into a contract for healthcare.My youngest sister & myself had living will,yet her guardian,whom I believe was wrongfully appointed caused her to lose everything,& myself as well.Florida loves to exploit the elderly & those they determine to be weak or vulnerable.They are the victim creating state.I asked a lawyer to properly represent us & he seems to give two bits about nothing,giving poor advice & showing he is not competent to take case to trial.It is very hard to constantly be reminded of one of the greatest losses in my life,& my family seems to be totally unwilling to do anything to prevent another financial loss,in relation to my mother.I know the state is criminally responsible for her passing,just like I know the hospital was criminally responsible for my father’s.I hope someday to find someone who is willing to donate their time to help me prove my case & bring these vultures to justice.

  13. Billy Pfitzer says:

    I wish I could meet a college journalism student in my area,who would write the story of how I have been abused by the legal system in Florida.Something that continues to be a problem.It would be a great article,showing how the victim’s son was victimized by lawyers who care only about their fees,& the medical system,& the courts,& how they victimized my elderly mother,misdiagnosed her condition,took away everything she ever worked for,denied her her rights to dignity & respect,& caused her to pass away by slowly poisoning her until she passed away.She was poisoned,a fact her former guardian refuses to publicly acknowledge.She was murdered by the state.I know this to be a fact.It would be such a shame if the perpetrators were to go unexposed,& unpunished.It would be a travesty.

  14. Billy Pfitzer says:

    As far as posts,replying to my story,it is possible,& faster,to email me,then,post on this page.This way I don’t miss any posts.Sorry to Aaron,who replied about my DNA question,please,post to my email,since it is hard to get to the site you referred me to,so I can maintain regular contact with you.

  15. Billy Pfitzer says:

    I welcome hearing from amateur crime sleuths,who might be able to help me resolve questions I have in my mind,regarding my relatives passings.I appreciate positive feedback,.

  16. Billy Pfitzer says:

    I am still waiting to hear more from amateur sleuths who want to help me work on my articles I am writing.Let me know.

  17. Jane Doe says:

    Ira Morgan, Doris Little, Lillie Bell Chatman, Marcus Payne , Willie J Braddock, Mark Austin, Trina Kinchelow Indianapolis, In conspired tn the murder of these two young females , these individuals are members of Supremacists Group who.plan the murder of two young women. They have been been and have murdering young women ongoing orchestrated by Raymond Austin . Raymond and the Chatman family were overheard in conversation talking about the murders of these two women and other. They randomly select these young women for murder. They call them uppity females who were destined to be successful in life. Raymond and these individuals have a mission against young females and successful young women. Lillie stated they , she and her crew wouldn’t have a problem with doing her like they have done others in other murders and crimes they have committed and killed them easily. Shelby County is where they may be now in Tenn.

    Sarah Rae Boehm, a fourteen-year-old female teen, was described as a good student, cheerleader, and participated in her former school’s band.  The last time she spoke to her parents was 10p.m. on July 14, 1994, telling her that she was planning on staying at a friend’s house. She was reported missing less than 24 hours later to local law enforcement in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Several months later, on Noveyt?mber 4, 1994, Sarah’s remains were discovered in the “Berlin Reservoir,” located within a Ohio state park, Portage County, Ohio. This rural community in Ohio was located approximately two hours away from the victim’s home in Pennsylvania.

  18. Lupe Palmer says:

    I just came across this cite just searching for any answers. Thank you for running the story of Kaylene Gallegos missing out of Show Low Arizona since May of 2010. There was no media coverage of this disheartening case what so ever. The answers lie in Jacob Mata and Jennifer Tettits hands. I always wonder if they sleep well at night? Kaylene has two young boys that are without a mom.

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