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Pictured; Angela ”Angie” Hammond

Henry County, MO – Angela ”Angie” Hammond, born February 9th, 1971, was a 20-year-old who lived in a peaceful, low-crime town in Clinton, Missouri. She was described as a popular, friendly, pretty young woman who got along with everyone. She was pregnant and engaged to her High-school sweetheart, Rob Shafer, a former highschool athlete who proposed to her and planned to be with her for the rest of his life. But that hope shattered when Angie was taken away suddenly.

On April 4th, 1991, four month’s into her pregnancy,  she and Rob attended a cook-out and after the cook-out she dropped him off at his home. Before driving away she kissed him and told him she would call him in a couple of hours. “That was about ten o’clock. I was going to meet her back uptown as soon as my mom got home. I was watching my little brother at the time. And she called later on that night.”  Said Rob.

At 11:45pm, approximately one-hour later, Angie pulled into a parking lot at a Food Barn Store in Clinton, about several blocks from her home to use the pay-phone and call Rob. The parking lot was empty, and as she was speaking to Rob, she mentioned a truck pulling in and circling the parking-lot and according to Rob, she said it was an older model (late 60’s early 70’s) green ford F-150 pick-up truck. At that point in the conversation she wasn’t very concerned. Clinton was a friendly town and she grew-up believing that. But, her feelings changed to uneasiness when the truck parked next to the booth’s and a ”filthy looking Caucasian man” got out to use the phone-booth next to her.,as she talked in the phone-booth.

“He used the phone next to her, got back in his truck, and looked at something with a flashlight. She described the flashlight to me over the phone. He was looking for something. I had her ask him if he needed to use the phone. Maybe the other phone was broken. And he said, no, he’d try again in a minute. Then we just talked about other things. We weren’t too worried about it. And that’s when I heard her scream on the phone.   I heard her scream. The only thing that went through my mind was getting up there and finding out what the hell was going on.   I just dropped the phone and ran out of the house. I didn’t hang the phone back up, and just headed up there.

As Robbie was driving towards the pay phone, a pick up truck sped past in the other direction:“Somebody yelled out the window, “Robbie!” That’s how I knew it was them.”

Rob turned around on the street and chased the pickup through downtown. The transmission was severely damaged due to Rob throwing his car into reverse. He didn’t realize until he drove two more miles and his transmission suddenly failed:“It started dying as I was making my right turn. This guy turned off to the right. All I saw was his brake-lights and dust.”

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