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chartier-judithJudith Ann Chartier was 17 when she vanished in Billerica, Massachusetts. on June 5, 1982 along with her vehicle, a 1970’s Black Dodge Dart Swinger.

Earlier that night she had attended a party with her then boyfriend. Sometime during the party she had an argument with him and dropped him off at his home before returning back to the party and leaving alone at approximately 2AM. She never made it to her home in Chelmsford, MA.

The town of Chelmsford is approximately 4 miles from the city of Lowell, and is located on Interstate 495 of the Boston metro outer beltway.

Chartier was employed at a fast food restaurant in Chelmsford at the time and those closest to the missing teen alleged she was being harassed by a male co-worker. In fact, it is believed she was afraid of this individual however, he was never entered in as a suspect.

According to Most Wanted Hoes the United States Secret Service notified Chelmsford Police Department that the infamous counterfeiter and sexual sadist, James Mitchell DeBardeleben had been in the town the day prior to Judith Chartier’s disappearance. DeBardeleben is alleged to have murdered several brunette women over an eighteen-year span. Arrested on May 25, 1983, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Secret Service Agents searched DeBardeleben’s 1971 Chrysler seizing evidence including a receipt from a motel in Chelmsford dated June 4, 1982.

DeBardeleben denies having ever met Judith Chartier. Nonetheless, DeBardeleben was in the area the day before Judith’s disappearance and she fit his victim profile. DeBardeleben may have first spotted Judith at the fast food restaurant where she worked. Furthermore, DeBardeleben somewhat varied his motive of operation, he could have stalked Judith, then while impersonating a police officer abducted her. However, DeBardeleben as to date is not known to move or hide his victims. So, if DeBardeleben had abducted and murdered Judith Chartier, her remains, or at least her vehicle should have been discovered by now. Unfortunately, neither Judith nor her Dodge Swinger has been found, and that is because both are hidden. Therefore, the possibility exists that DeBardeleben was not involved in Judith Chartier disappearance.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Judith Ann Chartier please contact the Chelmsford Police Department in Chelmsford, Massachusetts at 978-256-2521.

On the evening of October 13, 2002, 16 year old teenager Devyn Jude Murphy was stabbed to death in a house party in Wareham, Massachusetts. There was an altercation at the party which was attended by around 50 people, yet no one has come forward with any information. According to family members, Murphy had aspirations of becoming a chiropractor. It is believed that there are several people that may know who killed the teen, but either are afraid or refuse to come forward. If you have any information about who murdered Devyn Jude Murphy please contact the Massachusetts State Police at (508) 759-4488. All calls can be confidential.




♦ Article Published 10/14/08 – Source Below ♦

→ 52-year-old Anne Murphy of Onset never got to say goodbye to her son. Five years ago the Sandwich High School student went to a party and never came home.

MURPHY: My son Devyn Murphy was killed; he was 16 years old. He was 45 days into his 16th year, and he went to a party and he was stabbed. Every belief that you ever had about God or anything, it changes. There is before and after — before your child’s death and after your child’s death and family member. And you are not the same person.

Murphy doesn’t remember much of the first year after Devyn was murdered. She is mother to two other children, and she was left afraid, she said, walking around like a zombie with only her son’s death and her own guilt filling her head and sickening her stomach.

MURPHY: The first year is a real blur. At first you are thinking, my child is at camp. My child is on vacation. And then the reality starts to set in. The pain, it’s like being on fire from the inside out. And it doesn’t stop. It’s a descent to hell.

And murder, Murphy says, comes with a stigma. Several family members of murder victims interviewed for this story all say the same thing: when they talk about the murder, people seen to automatically place at least some of the blame for the crime on the victim, assuming they were in a gang or were involved in something underhanded or illegal that contributed to their death.

MURPHY: There is a feeling that the victim that was killed might have done something to get themselves killed. And there is a stigma to murder, people don’t want to talk about murder. Uh, you feel stigmatized — my child was the one who was murdered. And people feel, “Oh, they must be in a gang or they must have done something wrong that this would happen to them. Surely there must be some dark secret or some dark side of these people that this would come into their lives.”

48-year-old Bill Belanger sits across from Murphy as she speaks about her son’s death and he nods along.

BELANGER: Listening to Anne, it’s incredible, because if I were to follow her I would have said, “Ditto.” I mean, Ditto. Bravo, Anne.

Belanger is part of a Parents of Murdered Children support group in southern New Hampshire. He’s a big guy, large in stature and imposing. But he’s obviously broken by grief. He came to Cape Cod to support Murphy and the members of the POMC chapter here. Belanger and his wife Gina lost their daughter Erin to a murderer in Florida four years ago. She was 22, and their only child.

BELANGER: I remember at my first meeting asking people like, “Do you people want to take the ones who killed your son or daughter and strangle them to death”? And they are like, “Oh, yeah.” These people understand. All the hatred and the grief, they understand it. To me, it is my opium.

Bellanger is filled with anger, guilt and regret, he says. His daughter Erin wanted to escape the cold New England winters, so Belanger says he encouraged her to move to Florida and live near her grandmother there. She had a job, was renting a house and starting her life as a young adult.

BELANGER: It was a mass murder. Everyone in that house was killed. They were beaten with baseball bats and knives. I couldn;t give her an open casket. I had to cremate her because the damage was so bad, it was just horrible.

For Belanger, the POMC group has been a life-saver. It gives him an outlet to channel his grief and anger and advocate against the injustice he sees surrounding the issue of murder. He hates for the meetings to end, he says, and he feels safe spending time with people who understand his pain and want to prevent other parents from experiencing a similar loss.

BELANGER: When we get together and have our meetings, we hug each other. We give each other a hankie, but we are doing this so we don’t have to hug you one day. We are doing this so we don’t have to hug you one day. We don’t want to do that. And I think everyone here can agree to that. We don’t want to give you a hug one day. So that is why I do it.

David Flood of Ipswich is involved with the same POMC chapter as Belanger. He says that in addition to offering comfort and support, the group also helps victims find a way to channel their emotions into advocacy. But still, no one, they say, even the politicians don’t want to talk about murder.

FLOOD: Clearly something is broken and we don’t know how to fix it yet.

  Before meeting for an interview, Flood and Belanger say they both experienced a typical response while chatting over a cup of coffee in Woods Hole.

FLOOD: The tendency is to turn off when you hear Parents of Murdered Children. Like, we were down at this restaurant, nice sunny day, tourists all around. We started talking about it, and then we mentioned the group: Parents of Murdered Children. And there wasn’t a French fry crunched on that property for five minutes after we said Parents of Murdered Children. Who wants to talk about that on a nice day? Really weird.

While the pain and emotion associated with their losses may be similar, every murder is different, with varying circumstances and judicial outcomes. Four men were charged in Erin’s death, Belanger says, and the man who actually killed her is awaiting the death penalty. In Anne Murphy’s case, police think they know who did it, but no one has ever been charged with killing Devyn. Murphy says the lack of prosecution is just another senseless, inexplicable twist in the story of her son’s untimely death.  But both Murphy and Belanger say they’ve reached the point in their grief where they want to affect change. They want to honor their children’s lives and work until no other parents suffer the way they have.


Disappearance and Murder of Woman Raises Questions

Deborah Bates
Victim – Deborah Bates

Deborah Bates was 23 years old when she disappeared from her apartment on Liberty Street in Lowell on Feb. 23, 1993. At the time she was 6 months pregnant. Eleven years later, her skeletal remains were found March 11, 2004, around 50 feet from the on-ramp leading from the Lowell Connector to Route 3 South.

At first suspicion focused on the unknown Main South Woodsman Killer who is believed to have murdered Betzaida Montalvo, 29, and Carmen Rudy, 28, found in Marlborough in September of 2003. As well as Dinelia Torres, 33,who was found in Hudson in March 2004. The three worked as prostitutes in the Main South neighborhood of Worcester.

Alex Scesny is considered “a person of interest” in those killings and is charged in the 1996 murder of Theresa Stone in Fitchburg. Police do not believe though that he is responsible for the murder of Deborah Bates. Whoever, killed Bates, had recently placed her and the remains of her unborn child near the site of discovery.

Law Enforcement have looked at her ex-boyfriend with who she had a son with in 1990. There had been allegations of physical abuse and drug usage in their relationship. The ex-boyfriend had also served jail time for armed robbery and had several restraining orders filed against him by Bates.

If you have any information about the murder of Deborah Bates and her unborn child, please call the Lowell Police Department at 978-937-3232.

Two Unidentified Murder Victims in Two Different States, With New York Connections,

On September 28, 1995, a patrol officer made a startling discovery behind a Hartford Road Strip Mall just a hundred yards off of Route 9 in New Britain, Connecticut. Wrapped in plastic and a sleeping bag, a dead young woman shot in the head once. To this day, her identity is still unknown. Her age was estimated to be about 17 to 20 years old. Her race was white, possibly hispanic. She weighed 116 pounds, was 5’3, had brown hair and brown eyes. She had a vertical piercing above her naval. She was found wearing white farmer type jeans, white athletic socks, LA Gear shoes size 6 1/2, a size 34B maroon bra, a Gitano watch, a herringbone necklace and a ring with a pink stone on her right hand. There is a $50,000 reward authorized by the State of Connecticut for the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of this crime.

In Late September of 2009, Police Departments from three states have made strides in getting closer to solving this woman’s identity. They have linked her with an older female that was murdered around the same time (8 days later) in the Tolland State Forest in Massachusetts. Police believe the two victims are mother/daughter. The victim in this case may have been bi-racial or hispanic. She wore glasses and been killed by a gunshot wound to the head. Her age could have ranged between 30-45 years. The victim smoked and had poor dental hygiene but had an upper and lower bridge work with only a few of her own natural teeth left. Physical evidence points them to the Albany, New York area where they may have spent the better part of a year before their deaths. To see a sketch of the Massachusetts victim please visit here.

The area where the younger female was found has also had three other murder victims nearby. Of those three, only one has been identified and police do not believe the death of the two women from Albany are linked in any way. IF you have any information about the murder(s) or identities of these two murder victims please call the New Britain, Connecticut police at 860-826-3069 or 860-826-3000. Or you can call the Massachusetts State Police at 413-747-4810.

Two Decades Later Brutal Homicide of Popular Teacher’s Aide Still Unsolved

In the town of Agawam and the areas that surround it in Massachusetts and Connecticut, people still talk quietly about the brutal killing of Lisa Ziegert. She was a well liked teacher’s aide that worked in the town’s middle school with special need children. She also had a part time job at the Brittany’s Card and Gift Shoppe in town. April 15, 1992, was the last time anyone saw the popular 24 year old. The next day, the owner of the gift shop noticed that the door to the store was unlocked. Lisa, was nowhere to be found. Sadly, four days later on Easter Sunday, April 19, 1992, She was found deceased by a man walking his dog. She had been stabbed and sexually assaulted and was partially clothed. Her body was found in an area hundred of feet deep in the woods that was off of a dirt road that connected to Route 75 in town. Law Enforcement believe that she was abducted from the store between the times of 8:20 and 9:10 pm. At one time a $100,000 reward was offered by the state of Massachusetts for anyone with information that would lead them to the conviction of any individual(s) responsible for Ziegert’s death. Many people have speculated as to who may have killed Lisa Ziegert. There are postings on the internet that allege that a possible killer may be protected by certain people. Some believe she may have known her killer. There are others that say that it may have been a former Massachusetts resident awaiting trial for a brutal murder in Florida. If you have any information about this case please call the Massachusetts State Police at 413-747-4809.

Murder Haunts Family

On August 26th 2011, twenty year old Amanda Plasse was a victim of homicide in her downtown apartment in the town of Chicopee. It happened on a sunny Friday afternoon around 4:30pm at 73 School Street. She had been stabbed multiple times.The twenty year old waitress worked at Friendly’s Restaurant on Memorial Drive and enjoyed going to various music festivals: Bella Terra, Strang Creek and some others in New York State. She enjoyed playing acoustic guitar and liked folk and bluegrass music. She would design tie-dye shirts and blankets. She also enjoyed tattoos and had a large amount of them on her.

The family believes that there may be individuals that know something and that they need to come forward. The murder took place in a busy area of Chicopee. Any information would be helpful. If you or anyone you know has information about this case, you are asked to call the Chicopee Police at (413) 594-1730. You could also text any information anonymously using Text a Tip by sending a message to 274637. Type SOLVE in the message and then hit “Send.”