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Emily Jeanette GarciaAn unidentified body was found on February 25, 1993 approximately 1.5 miles north on Old Cranes Mill Road off of Highway 46 in Canyon Lake, Texas by a road crew. The decomposing body was reported to the New Braunfels Police and Comal County Sheriff’s Office. The body was listed as a Jane Doe.

The medical examiners concluded that Jane Doe was a victim of murder and that she was carrying an unborn child.

A year later a friend of the murder victim phoned the family about the Jane Doe being a possible match to a teen who went missing from San Antonio.

It was verified from a fingerprint card that Jane Doe was the body of 15-year-old Emily Jeanette Garcia, who was reported missing on February 12, 1993 from San Antonio, TX.

Emily Jeanette Garcia was born on July 27, 1977 in Fort Hood, Texas to Roy Garcia and Sheila Smith-Ramirez. She is the younger sister of Elizabeth Garcia and according to authorities she was about 3 months pregnant at the time of her death however, family members say she was further into her pregnancy then what’s listed. In fact, she was able to determine that her unborn child was male and had already picked out the name Emilio.

February 12, 1993, the day of her disappearance, Garcia had boarded the city bus in San Antonio, Texas to go to an appointment with the health service to see how far along she was in her pregnancy. Her mother had occupied her and stayed with her till she boarded the bus for her appointment and then Sheila went on to her job. Emily never made it to her appointment and that was the last time her mother had seen her daughter alive.

Garcia was kidnapped and held against her will for twelve days. She had been raped, beaten and murdered by strangulation. There isn’t a description of a suspect available.

Initially her body was buried as Jane Doe in Bracken Cemetery on March 30, 1993 by Zoeller’s Funeral Home, but was later exhumed and buried as Emily Jeanette Garcia in Somerset, Texas by her family.

According to Garcia’s mother, Sheila Smith-Ramirez, they received a copy of the original Death Certificate on Sept 9, 2003, but it did not list her daughter as Jane Doe instead, it said N/A. They also have her listed as Caucasian and not of Hispanic Origin, which she was.  The cause of death is listed as strangulation, but newspaper articles claimed she had been sexually abused and that she was already dead before the killer(s) tied her up.

So as you can see, there are many inconsistencies in this case.

Garcia’s case is still open and still being investigated by New Braunfels Police Department, Texas Rangers and the San Antonio FBI. The agencies have not had any leads in years and Garcia’s case fades away as the years go on. However, It has NOT faded with family and loved ones who remain devastated decades later. They’re still determined to find out who is responsible for the death of Garcia and her unborn child. You can visit a website memorial for additional information on Emily Garcia.

A Lifetime movie titled The Killing Secret was made which recreates the abduction and murder of Emily Garcia. Clicking the link will bring you to the full movie which has been posted on YouTube. Scenes have been dramatized.

Her case remains unsolved.

Anyone with information regarding this cold case is urged to please contact:

Det. Tommy Ward,
Comal County Sheriff’s office
email address:
Case #93-01164 or
Emily’s Family
Sheila Smith-Ramirez
or Emily’s Aunt
Theresa Yeary

Unsolved Cold Case - Jimmie Sue Smith - Texas

It is 11.30 on the morning of June 23, 1981. The plains of Lubbock, Texas, are already at 104 degrees. Around the world all minds are on a bombing in Iran, while President Ronald Reagan is jousting with their leaders. McEnroe is being fined for his tennis court manners, and it is the last day in the life of 19 year old Jimmie Sue Smith. She is dressed in a yellow top and yellow slacks. The wind is blowing her hair back and frames her face as if to give her Mother one final living glimpse of her.

Nineteen years later, when we interview her mother, she will recall that look. Two hours pass while mother and daughter eat lunch, shop, and finally wave goodbye. In a last-minute attempt to perhaps protect her in some way, her mother asks Jimmie Sue to stay with her and go back with her to work at the church. Jimmie Sue wants to get home and lie in the sun. Sun bathing was a rare pleasure for the girl that held down two jobs and attended Texas Tech University.

Jimmie Sue enters the small bungalow-style house in an area close to the university. She telephones a friend and asks her to come over and lie in the sun with her. It is now 2:30 in the afternoon. The girlfriend arrives at 3:30, but there is no answer at the door. She looks in the window and sees Jimmie’s purse on the bed. She is not in the backyard, so the girl leaves. It is around 3:35 in the afternoon.

To view the composite of the suspect
from 6-23-81 click here

The hammock is hanging loose, and Jimmie Sue’s bathing suit top is lying underneath. The suntan oil is close by with the lid off. A phone sits in the window so she can hear any calls that might come in. On the kitchen counter is a roll of tape and an open Band-Aid box with Band-Aids scattered about. We will later learn that Jimmie Sue has a cut on her elbow. “It felt strange for the door to be locked,” says her mother, who arrived home at five o’clock. There is no sign of a struggle, and in the girls room are her purse, watch and her diamond ring. In the bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom is an un flushed toilet with feces in it but no paper. (We have seen this at crime scenes many times before. Police and profilers all say it is a killer leaving his mark). At the edge of the bed, which is turned back, with the pillow missing, is the bottom to her bathing suit. When her mother picks it up, she notices that it is wet (with urine) and rolled in an unusual manner. She immediately knows something is wrong. On the bed is a pair of Jimmie’s stepfather’s slacks with the belt pulled out and lying on top of them. Her mother thinks this also is unusual. In the walk-in closet is Jimmie Sue’s body, nude, with a necktie around her throat. Her feet and hands are bound with neckties. A pillow is placed over her chest.

The killer had fired a twenty-two pistol six times through a towel and a pillow. The necktie around her throat would indicate a possible strangling but could have been a gag that slipped down. Newspapers all reported that she was strangled, but we can’t be sure of this because the 19-year-old autopsy needs to be located and reviewed. (more…)