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By gum! Man arrested for 1976 cold case murder thanks to DNA evidence collected by cops in phony CHEWING GUM survey

  • Gary Raub, 63, was arrested yesterday in  Seattle in the brutal slaying of Blanche Kimball 36 years ago
  • 70-year-old was stabbed almost 50 times in  her home in Augusta, Maine
  • Police obtained the suspect’s DNA in July  after he agreed to participate in a fake chewing gum survey
  • Saliva matched DNA from blood splatted on  the woman’s kitchen cupboard
  • The murder happened on June 12,1976 and has been unsolved for over thirty-six-years
  • The victim was murdered on Memorial Day in 1976.
  • This case is the oldest unsolved murder in Maine that has been solved.

In custody: Gary Raub, pictured, has been arrested on Monday after for the 1976 stabbing death of a 70-year-old woman after DNA linked him to the crime

In custody: Gary Raub, pictured, has been arrested on Monday for the 1976  stabbing death of a 70-year-old woman after DNA obtained from chewing gum,  right, linked him to the crime

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Nicole Westbrook, originally from Albuquerque, NM, was 21-years-old when she moved to Seattle, Washington at the end of March, 2012.

On April 20th, 2012, less then three weeks after moving to WA, she was murdered. She went to a club with her boyfriend and they left to walk home in the early morning hours of April 21st, around 2am. As they were walking near Second Avenue and Yesler Way in Pioneer Square, several shots were fired from a vehicle, believed to be a ‘white sedan’. One of the shot’s happen to strike Nicole in the neck.Two police officers heard the shots and arrived within seconds where they saw Nicole laying on the sidewalk with a bullet lodged into her neck. As her boyfriend was being questioned by police as to what happened, Nicole was being rushed to Harborview Medical Center where she was put on life-support and died a several days later.

Investigator’s believe it was a random act of violence.“The shooting, so far as we know, was random,” Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said.

“There’s no honor in what this individual, or individuals, has done,” said Joyce Esquer, Westbrook’s aunt. She goes on to say: “And there’s no honor in silence. We believe that there are [family members] who know this person or have information about who shot Nicole. We ask you to come forward to share this information with the police.”

Candlelight vigil held for Pioneer Square shooting victim

Joyce Esquer at a Candle light vigil which took place on 2nd Avenue, where one of the shots
fired from a white sedan struck Westbrook in the neck.

“Somebody knows something about what happened that night. There are a number of pedestrians who were in the area who, for obvious reasons once they heard the gunshots, dove for cover. But they may know something, and likely may not have known the results of what happened that morning,” said Deputy Police Chief Nick Metz, who goes on to say:“And so, we are asking for folks who were in that area, particularly at 2 a.m. around 2nd and Yesler when those shots rang out, that you please let us know, please give us a call and let us know what you may have seen.”

Metz also delivered a message to the occupants in the vehicle where the gunshot originated: “Whether you fired the weapon or not, you are a potential accessory. And if you want to protect yourself, the best thing you can do is turn yourself in and talk to the detectives.”

As of September 20th, 2012 Nicole Westbrook’s case remains unsolved. Her face is not part of a billboard in Seattle. The billboard was created to break the stigma of ”being a snitch” and if you know something, you have a moral obligation to say something.

Authorities are urging anybody who might know anything to come forward. Your identity will be protected.

“There are other crimes in this city where there are people who knew who had the gun and knew who shot it,” said McGinn. “More than that, there are people in this town right now who know of somebody who has an illegal gun and may use it. They need to come forward, too. They need to help us out.” said Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, in an appearance on 97.3 KIRO
FM’s Ross and Burbank Show
 back in April, 2012.

To view potential witnesses running after the gunshot’s were fired: Click here.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Seattle Law Enforcement at
610 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98124
Neighborhood: Pioneer Square
(206) 625-5011

Seattles Billboards Ask ''Who Killed Me?''

Article originally written and published by KVUE on 09/18/12 – Clicking the photo will link you to the source.

Seattle, Washington — A media campaign was launched Tuesday in an effort to bring in tips in 17 unsolved murders that occurred in Seattle since January 2010.

Some of the victims’ families attended the unveiling. “I think it could work, but it’s also really hard as a family to see your child’s picture up.” said Monica Wood, mother of murder victim Franklin Wood. Billboards and bus ads picture murder victim’s faces and ask “Who Killed Me?”

“They know who they are and they need to come forward cause we are in pain,” said Anne Williams, the great aunt of victim Desmond Jackson.

The campaign aims to break the no snitching culture that has impeded some murder investigations.  “Don’t Stay Silent,” the billboards say.
“People have a moral obligation to come forward,” Deputy Chief Nick Metz told those gathered at the launch.

The billboards feature the images of victims Danny Vega, Nicole Westbrook, and Desmond Jackson. Desmond’s mother, Marlo Williams, tearfully begged the public, “If there’s anybody with information that can help solve Desmond’s case, please, please come forward.”