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Seattles Billboards Ask ''Who Killed Me?''

Article originally written and published by KVUE on 09/18/12 – Clicking the photo will link you to the source.

Seattle, Washington — A media campaign was launched Tuesday in an effort to bring in tips in 17 unsolved murders that occurred in Seattle since January 2010.

Some of the victims’ families attended the unveiling. “I think it could work, but it’s also really hard as a family to see your child’s picture up.” said Monica Wood, mother of murder victim Franklin Wood. Billboards and bus ads picture murder victim’s faces and ask “Who Killed Me?”

“They know who they are and they need to come forward cause we are in pain,” said Anne Williams, the great aunt of victim Desmond Jackson.

The campaign aims to break the no snitching culture that has impeded some murder investigations.  “Don’t Stay Silent,” the billboards say.
“People have a moral obligation to come forward,” Deputy Chief Nick Metz told those gathered at the launch.

The billboards feature the images of victims Danny Vega, Nicole Westbrook, and Desmond Jackson. Desmond’s mother, Marlo Williams, tearfully begged the public, “If there’s anybody with information that can help solve Desmond’s case, please, please come forward.”

A video posted on youtube which describes the unsolved disappearance of Madeleine McCann, 3. Video also provides photos of the young girl and her family.

Unsolved Murder Of Donna Denise Baker (TX)

Donna Baker, 21, was found murdered on May 18th, 1979 in a vacant lot in San Antonio, Texas. She was a bright, beautiful young lady who had alot going for her.

33-years-later and Donna’s murder is still Unsolved. Her family still wants answers and Donna needs Justice. Please click the photo of Donna provided to see additional photos and additional infomation on this case.

Joseph David Helt was a teenager from New York who disappeared on 01/16/87 while out late at night with 3 acquaintances. To date, no trace of Joe has ever been found.

Joe was just 17 years old. It was on Friday, January 16, 1987 and just another typical Friday night. Like so many Fridays before, Joe and many other teenagers from Ellenville, NY were going up to the usual party spot, the old Mount Cathalia ski lodge. It was in Cragsmoor, just 5 miles outside of Ellenville. The ski lodge had been long ago abandoned, having been partially burned in the 1970’s. But the building itself remained intact and the area kids built a huge fire pit inside of the building and used it as a party spot.

So Joe went up to Mount Cathalia on Jan. 16, 1987 as he had so many other times. Many classmates were there that night. He hung out for a while, spent time with different people and at one point he approached his best friend, Armando Rodriguez, for a ride home. Armando, unfortunately, had to turn Joe down as he had driven up in a borrowed pick up truck and didn’t have anymore room in the truck that night as several others were already getting a ride with him. Looking back, Armando says that Joe was extremely nervous and almost seemed desperate to get a ride with him.

Joe then got into a car belonging to John LaForge, a 21 year old who often hung around with the younger kids. Along with them that night were Wade Marks, 17, and Kelly Diaz, 16. As Joe left the party, that was the last time any of his friends would see him again.

According to the Marks, Diaz and LaForge, they claim that they went for a ride down a road not far from the party called Sam’s Point Road. They claim that the car got stuck in a ditch and that after several failed attempts to get the car out, Joe got upset and left the car to walk the 5+ miles back to Ellenville. By this time it was around 3am in the middle of January. 20 minutes later, Marks and Diaz left to walk the 2+ miles to Marks house (which was not far from the original party at Mt. Cathalia in Cragsmoor) and 10 minutes later LaForge left to walk the 2+ miles to his house which was also there in Cragsmoor.

On January 17th when Joe failed to show up for his shift at the Napanoch Auction Barn in Napanoch, his boss, Vic, called his mother, Lee Ann. Lee Ann checked around for Joe and when it became apparent that Joe was nowhere to be found, she contacted Ellenville Police. The police and rescue workers soon scoured the Cragsmoor area looking for Joe.

Unfortunately, as the rescue workers made it up to the mountain a major snow storm was moving into the area. Over the next several days, over 2 feet of snow fell which hampered the search. Rescue workers worked through the storm for 6 days searching for any trace of Joe but nothing was ever found. They called off the search after 6 days saying that if Joe was up there on the mountain, there was no way he could possibly survive. Search teams did go back up on the mountain in the spring after the snow melted and the ground thawed, but no trace of Joe was ever found.

Marks, Diaz and LaForge say that the last time they saw Joe he was walking away from them when the car got stuck in the ditch. That was 24 years ago and Joe’s case has gone cold.

Over the years many rumors and thoughts have run through the town though nothing has ever been proven one way or the other. People have pointed toward the three acquaintances who were with him that night, but no evidence has been found yet. In October 2010 Joe’s case was assigned to a State Police Detective, Thomas Fortuna, and a missing persons flyer was put together. It was at that time, 23 years after Joe disappeared that he was first registered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Joe’s case was added to the NYS Police Missing Person’s site in April 2011. Why he was never added to these sites earlier remains a mystery.

In November 2010 several Ellenville High School classmates began to look into Joe’s case and when they realized that it was assigned to a new detective and it being reviewed, they decided to start raising awareness for Joe. A facebook page was created and a campaign was on to gain media attention for Joe’s case.

On January 16, 2011, the 24th anniversary of Joe’s disappearance, a candlelight vigil was held in Joe’s honor. Approximately 50-60 people attended. After working hard to gain media attention, there has been some local area media attention as well as national coverage on Joe’s disappearance but nothing ever came about and Joe’s case remains unsolved.


2012 article update regarding Joe’s disappearance, Ellenville, NY: Shocking Missing Joe Helt Case: Joe Helt was killed in 1987 during a fight over marijuana, according to a former high school classmate. Shari Schwartz, now 43, said two classmates who were with Helt the night of his Jan. 16 disappearance essentially confessed to her days later.

Helt supposedly left three friends after hours of partying in an abandoned Shawangunk Ridge ski resort to walk back to Ellenville. Helt never made it. “Joe and (the friend) got in a fight over weed and (the friend) pushed him off the mountain,” said Schwartz, who sat behind Helt in class and developed a secret handshake with him.

Schwartz overheard two classmates discussing Helt’s disappearance during class on Jan. 21. Schwartz said she approached them and asked when Helt was coming back. “He’s not. Joe’s dead,” one reportedly told Schwartz. The other then “told him to shut the (expletive) up and pulled him out of the room,” Schwartz recalls.

Schwartz promptly reportedly the conversation to the Ellenville High School principal, but she said the information never made its way into police files. “It was brushed under the rug,” Schwartz said.

In May 2012, the “Justice for Joe” Facebook group, started by friends and family, asked anybody with information on Helt to come forward. “I never forgot about Joe,” Schwartz said. “It was time.” She contacted group administrators, who put her in touch with state police. She gave a statement in mid-June to the lead investigator and appeared Aug. 2 on CBS New York.

“Finally, after all these years, somebody has come forward (with information),” said Bob Rahn, an ex-NYPD homicide detective assisting the family. Schwartz said she’d undergo a lie detector test, but police haven’t taken up the offer. Police say Schwartz’s statement is “a lead,” but not reason to change the classification from a missing-persons case. “There has been no evidence of any criminal activity,” Capt. Joseph Tripodo said. Since the CBS segment aired, friends say, more than one witness has approached Facebook page leaders with information. Schwartz said others have shared stories similar to hers over email. But they weren’t turned into police depositions. “Somebody’s got to crack,” Schwartz said. “At some point, something has to give.”

Update posted 09/04/12 – Old Face Lies & Theories vs the Truth Gina says: These are all excellent scenarios and completely plausible We don’t know for sure what happened to Joe after he left the party that night. We are searching for the truth. Clues keep coming in and we’re following them as they do. We’ve already found inconsistencies in the story told by the three with regard to statements printed in original articles in the days after Joe’s disappearance. Joe wasn’t discovered to be missing until after 5pm on Jan.17th when he failed to show up for work. His boss called his mother at that point and after his mother called around looking for him she realized that he was nowhere to be found. However, John LaForge is quoted in the Times Herald Record on the 20th o Jan. ( saying that Wade Marks called him at 3:30pm to say that Joe was missing….almost TWO FULL HOURS BEFORE Joe was discovered to be missing! This statement contradicts their statements given previously. This is just one of many clues that are coming forward. So we’re getting there…one clue at a time.Kelly says: Wade and I called Joe’s mom at 7am in the morning asking her if Joe was home cause he left us and wasn’t at Wade’s house. So she told us that she would call in a while and see if Joe was at work or with Vic. So either she called back or we called back by noon and she said he wasn’t at work, that is when we all knew he was missing. So if, Wade did call J.P by 3:30pm we have talked with Joe’s mom by then and she told us he was missing and not at work. So lets get that straight and out the way. There is nothing inconsistant about our story, don’t you think the cops would have caught and question that also. How come you think you are smarter than the police!?!?!


Kelly says: No relation what so ever, same last name, but no relations what so ever to me.

Gina says: In the years since Joe’s disappearance, have any of the other three been involved in any type of search ? Especially LaForge, he knows the mountain. Have any of the three ever tried to put an end to any speculation that suggests they know what happened ?

Kelly says: I was in the first search for Joe, no one ever told me or asked me to go search, cause you bet your ass I would have made an effort to do so. We always talk with NYS BCI and went back up recently to show them where about the car was stuck. For putting the speculations to an end, I tried that in 2010 and Gina would allow me to be heard on her Facebooks In Support for Joe, she would delete my post and then block who evers account I was using and numorous people have seen that on the Facebook and tried to defend me and she would block that person as well. Myron Logan, Cheryl Andrews, Daniel North, John.L, Vernon Watson and many others know how Gina was deleting my comments. They seen it and said something to Gina. Gina tried to lie and say I never posted on Joe’s Facebook. Lucky John.L copied and saved what I had wrote before Gina deleted it.(Thanks John) Then Gina said I never posted anything and John said, Oh yes he did, here is what he posted cause he saved it and then re-posted it. She must have felt like a big liar. Goes to show you her ways of conducting her own investigation. Plus you did the same to JP when he tried or someone tired for him in his defense. Say you didn’t and you will be lying again, cause down below, you say “Of course it is JP. Figured that one out a long time ago. Why do you think we’ve been commenting on this thread so regularly?” You couldn’t block or delete his comments cause its not your blog. But when he or someone defended him, you would still accuse or say something stupid in your defense

Gina says: One of the BIGGEST problem the story the three told is that Diaz was heard by a woman as he told her husband (in their driveway) that the WHOLE STORY OF THE CAR GETTING STUCK IN THE DITCH WAS NOTHING MORE THAN A COVER STORY TO HIDE THE TRUTH. What the truth is he didn’t go into detail over.

Kelly says: Now that is total BS, I never said the car wasn’t stuck to anyone. Why doesn’t this lady and her hubby step up and tell the truth. Cause there is no one, you just made that story up. I walked and jogged that night freezing and exchanging a jacket and gloves with Wade on our way back. So don’t tell me the car was never stuck

Gina says: Maybe they wanted Joe to deal for them.

Kelly says: I was 16 and living with my mother who doesn’t condone drugs or drug use, she would never allow that in her house and she would know if I was selling drugs, but I was 16 and buying $2 pin joints off Joe and $10 grams of hasish from Mundo. So as for me dealing drugs at 16, wasn’t happening

Gina says: I think every effort should be made to harass and implicate Wade and Kelly until they crack and rat out LaForge who subsequently rats out on his boss. And then I think we will solve this murder.

Kelly says: Harass and implicate huh, nice tactic, but that is not the way it works in America. No one will crack, cause there is nothing to crack or rat out. Joe was a friend of mine, why would I want to murder him or see him murdered, specially at the age of 16.If I knew anything about Joe’s where abouts, believe me I would have said something a long time ago. I have a conscious.

Gina says: Wade & Kelly, sentenced to 1 – 5 years as accomplices in criminal mischief. Out in 2 for good behavior. LaForge 10 – 20 as an accomplice to a murder (depending how he wants to cooperate), out in 13. By then the original killer is in prison for life (at least), and since John LarForge is informed if this fact as part of his plea-bargain, he finally decides to come clean…thinking he at least won’t end up face down in a stream somewhere.

Kelly says: Dam, she has us guilty and sentenced already, must be from all those years sitting in Bayview Prison. Then has the nerve to say, JP will be in a stream face down if he doesn’t come clean. Is that a threat!?!?!

Gina says: There was plenty of talk on this over the weekend at the flea market and Arianna’s. It looks like Diaz is getting ready to spill the beans. He was spineless back in the day. He must have grew a set recently to have the guts to come forward and take the blame.

Kelly says: I am gonna spill the beans huh, about what, seems like you know more than all 3 of us. Who the hell said I was gonna spill the beans!?! All hear say again.

Gina says: And anyway, WHY do all these people think Kelly did?I mean, I’ve heard that before too…but no one is explaining this..

Kelly says: No one thinks I did anything to Joe, its only Gina and the ones she brain washed with her off the wall theories. Or I think I would be in jail if that were true.

Gina says: It interesting that Wade Marks has chosen to live in Vermont. Why Vermont?

Kelly says: I am pretty sure he meet a lady named Ginger from Vermont and she lives up there in Vermont.

Gina says:  The actual guilty one has threatened to do harm to one or both of the other two if they talk about what HE did that night.

Kelly says: Who is the guilty one and for what, cause I never said I would harm anyone and no one has ever told me that they would harm me. I would have told the police that someone threatened me or said to them, harm me now right here. Where do you hear all this shit, cause I know it wasn’t from anyone that I know, and if they don’t know me how the hell would they know that!?!?!

Gina says: NOT ONE OF THESE THREE WHO WERE IN THE CAR WITH JOE THAT NIGHT HAS REACHED OUT TO JOE’S FAMILY TO HELP, TO OFFER THEIR CONDOLENCES, NOTHING. Well, let me rephrase that….one of them HAS reached out continually to HARASS Joe’s family! Saying things like “We need to get a memorial stone for Joe and I know EXACTLY where we can place it.” and saying to one of the individuals who is helping Joe’s family “Maybe if you stop obsessing over Joe your pain level would decrease.” (this person is in a wheelchair living with a complex spinal/nerve issue affecting more than 23 vertebrae). This same individual also has a number of his friends jump on the facebook support page set up for Joe to harass Joe’s family too!

Kelly says: What, are you kidding me. I talked with Joe’s brother, John and he didn’t have any bad feelings towards me and still talked with me. Now Christine would see me and just stare at me when we were at the bars. Tracy was just on that, fuck you Kelly, you know what happen. Never gave me the chance to speak with them. Joe’s mother I always wanted to say something to but she would just give me that I hate you look. I would see her working at Riches, of course I wanted to talked to her, but I could see and feel what she was going thru, that is why I kept my distance, but really just wanted to let her know that nothing happen to her son when he was with me, and I swear to god. I could never know what she went thru, but just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Never would want my mother to go thru that either or anyones mother. I never harrassed any of his family as Gina is saying. Ask Beth if I ever harassed her, I never even knew she was Joe’s aunt till a couple years ago. But we had a very emotional talk recently and I will talk to her whenever she likes. I have nothing to hide. And I never said anything about a memorial stone, so don’t try and put words in my mouth, Gina. Those number of friends are mostly your classmates who don’t support you in the way you have been deceitful towards them and us

Gina says: And there is there is the year long issue of someone (or several someones) who keep tearing down Joe’s missing persons flyers from the grocery store AND from Maple Avenue (which is the street the high school is on AND is a street highly policed by the Ellenville police department so gee…I wonder how someone could possibly manage to tear these posters down???).

Kelly says: Well I seen that you accused me of tearing down the fliers, I never ever tore down one of Joe’s fliers, shit I encourage the fliers. Might help get find Joe in some way. That is one thing I never did or would do, what would be the purpose of me tearing down fliers in Ellenville, and if I got caught doing so, how would that make me look, honestly, gotta have alot of balls to do that, specially when I am part of the case.

Gina says: Tyrone Walker is one of Kelly Diaz’s friends who continually harasses Joe’s family on facebook, doing so to “defend Kelly” as he puts it.

Kelly says: Tyrone Walker is in state prison, how the hell is he on Facebook!?!?! And you keep saying I harass Joe’s family, who do I harass in Joe’s family. Christine, No, Tracy, Hell no, John, Not at all, Beth, never even knew that was his aunt till a few years back. So don’t come on here fibbing about I harass Joe’s family. I haven’t seen or heard Beth mention it once. So please stop making up stories.

Gina says:  Joe didn’t want to hang out. He wanted to go home.

Kelly says: Joe wanted to hang out, he was gonna spend the night at Wades house. We all chipped in on a bag of weed and had a bottle of blackberry brandy that was still almost full. He ask Mundo to take a ride with him, cause Mando had some booger sugar, but Mando didn’t want to share.

Gina says: While were exploring all avenues, there is one that we have yet to explore, yet to discuss. I may be hated for what I’m about to say, but it must be said. What about Armando Rodriguez ? A true investigation needs to be impartial. No offense Mr. Rodriguez if you are reading this. You were one of the last people to see Joe alive as well. I hate to point fingers, but if we are all here to offer some form of assistance, then it needs to be put out there

Kelly says: Now you want to try and point the finger at Mundo too, try and make him feel worse than he does. Funny how you talk with him and ask him to appear on the news segment, why didn’t you say that to him then!?!?! You are 2 faced

Gina says: No one was looking for Joe until after he missed work because his mother thought he was spending the night at a friend’s house and then going to work from there on the 17th. So she had no idea that anything was wrong UNTIL he missed work.

Kellys says: We called his mother in the early AM hours and asked if Joe had made it home, she told us no and that he was suppose to spend the night at Wades. So his mother knew he wasn’t home and then called to find out if Joe was with Vic and if he was at work or called in from work. So stop saying his mother never knew about him missing till he missed work. Mother was hoping  he was somewhere and would show up for work. Lies, Lies, Gina

Gina says: There is also a witness who said that Kelly Diaz blurted out one day during an arguement that the “car on the mountain” story was a cover

Kelly says: You first say that I was over heard telling someones husband in the driveway that the car never was stuck, now you also say that, I got in a argument and blurted out, “car on the mountain was a cover story”. Which one was it, heard in the drive way talking to someones hubby or was I arguing and blurted out. Keep making lies Gina

Gina says: Kelly and his friend have gone as far as to tell Joe’s family in a chat room during an internet radio show “We should get a stone to memorialize Joe. I know exactly where we should put it”

Kelly says: Who in Joe’s family have I talked to in a chatroom during and internet show!?!?! And how would I know about them being in a chatroom or on internet radio, what station was that and what was the date of the show!?!? Cause this is straight doo doo and lies. Tell me who I harrassed, sure wasn’t Beth, Tracy, Christine or John, that is the only family I know of Joe

Gina says: Armando, unlike the three, has been involved in the search for Joe FROM THE BEGINNING.

Kelly says: We weren’t envoled huh, so who brought the State Police back up there where we last seen Joe walking.!?! Sure wasn’t you Gina, it was us and we did help search for Joe, I still remember that day. It started snowing good when we got up there, so don’t sit here and tell them I never searched, who informs you with this info!?!?!

Gina says: Of course it is JP. Figured that one out a long time ago. Why do you think we’ve been commenting on this thread so regularly? It’s comical to us to see how far he’ll go and great fun to watch his antics when we push just one or two of his buttons….even more so now that we’ve said that we know it’s him

Kellys says: Gina I don’t see how you find this comical, seems like you are playing games and getting a thrill out of this. You can say all you want, but if you called me a murderer or accused , I wouldn’t be to happy about that either(which you have already done to us for 2 years). How are you gonna make someone angry and then say calm down, that is like shooting someone and then saying don’t bleed. This is not comical at all !!!!


Kelly says: Yes he was the oldest and no way was JP a drug supplier back then, I am sure Chris Lutz(Who is a Ulster County Sheriff), Allan Lutz and Larry Lutz can all agree that no way was JP a drug supplier back then or now. They would certainly know cause they use to live right across the street from JP and grew up with him.

Gina says: A witness who came forward said that the three were arguing with Joe at the party just one hour before they left. The argument seemed to be getting heated, to the point that fingers were in faces and people were moving away for fear that it was about to escalate into a physical confrontation. People heard them talking about money, beer and pot (ie who was paying for what and who didn’t pay yet).

Kelly says: Listen, there was never a fight up there with Joe, listen to what you are saying, Gina. You say at least 50 people were there and seen us getting in a heated argument where people feared for there lives and started backing away from us cause it was about to get physical. Well why doesn’t Mundo or anyone else remember us getting into this big argument that people feared. How come that was never mentioned in 1987. I am sure that if everyone backed away and seen us fighting or arguing, Mundo would have remembered or someone out of the 50 people. That is cause there was no argument or fighting. And I am pretty sure if this was true, Mundo would have gave him a ride no matter what, not leave him where he just seen him fighting with me.

Gina says: We all know Joe didn’t run away. He’s not living in Florida as some suggested.

Kelly says: I know he didn’t run away, he walked away and that is all, so to suggest that we harmed our friend is really fucked up. I really do hope he is alive and well, cause I don’t want to hear any apologies, just kiss my ass where the sun don’t shine. Last I seen Joe, he was alive and well and walking. Only thing I can think of is that he caught a ride with the Jeffery Dahmer of the 1980′s or that he did catch a ride and skipped town, or that when he was walking on the road he may have got hit by a vehicle/plow truck and the person/people stopped and seen that they hit and killed Joe and didn’t want to get in trouble and picked him up and disposed of him. These are the only things that I really think that could have been possible

Gina says: The “Justice for Joe” movement has been pushing hard because we want answers. We love Joe and we want to know what happened to him.

Kelly says: How come you have 2 groups!?!?! first you had In Support of Joe, then you create Justice for Joe. By all means I am in Support of Joe and want to know his where abouts as well. You aren’t pushing, Gina, you are accusing and finger pointing with no real eveidence or proof. You are just going by hear say and then when its time to back your theories up you come up with an excuse. What Justice are you looking for, cause I know for sure Joe was alive and well the last I seen him, and the polygraphs proved it.

Gina says: I’m going to beg here. If you could contact me privately via email at, I’d appreciate it. As you are concerned about JP’s safety, there are some things that can be offered to him which will guarantee his safety. But I need to talk to you privately. PLEASE, I’m asking you with every fiber of my being, PLEASE EMAIL ME at

Kelly says: What can you offer, JP that the State Police can’t!?!?!

Gina says: For Chrissakes, Mr. Marks! Just get it out in the open if you didn’t actually kill that boy! What’s worse 3 years in prison or 25 years of running scared? Maybe it’s all starting to balance out for you. And indeed, I am just throwing stuff out there to see what sticks too.

Kelly says: Now you are trying to implicate Wades father, you really are reaching and definitely throwing crazy theories out there. You really need to stop and think what you are saying and doing. Not a good look for you.


Kelly says: Are you kidding me, I know that I have spoken to John Helt(Joe’s Lil Brother) after Joe went missing. And you keep saying Joe’s friends, guess what? I am Joe’s friend and always will be, unlike you, claiming that Joe consoled you in your time of need. I really don’t recall Joe talking about you or even seen talking to you in school, Gina. Plus I just was asked to sit down with Beth and tell our story about that night, and she knows and seen & felt my emotions. Unlike you have, Gina. So please stop making up these lies about all of us, not just us 3, but everyone you keep adding to your list. Like German, Wade’s father, JP’s father or judge, Armando(Mundo), Vernon Watson, Tyrone Walker, Walter Diaz and a few others.

Gina says: So we’re throwing theories out there which are not exactly uneducated theories. They are EDUCATED theories…and we’re casting them out there to see what FITS best.

Kelly says: Uneducated to the fullest and ridiculous theories. You can make all the theories you like, just stop posting them on the internet with our names.involed. What you are doing is not right in our eyes and Joe’s family plus the public eye.

Gina says: A profile of Kelly shows that he is the more violent one. And Kelly was more connected to vilent crime according to some

Kelly says: My profile doesn’t show that I am a violent person, I don’t have one voilent offence against me or on my rap sheet. Again, you are saying hear say, according to some. And who is that some, Gina!?!?! Please do tell, we all are waiting…

Gina says: There may be police corruption. Some people like to jab that certain individuals in the police department may have been involved.

Kelly says: I really do highly doubt that, corruption of what!?!?!, its a mising person case.

Gina says: There maybe have to be a sacrificial lamb to get this going…but who’s volunteering?

Kelly says: Nobody is, this is not a game. We want to know the truth of what happen to Joe without your sacrificing tactics or making someone volunteer to lie about what happen with Joe. This is why you are not involed in the Support of Joe anymore. You have good intentions in finding Joe, but a horrible way of going about it.

Gina says:  People close to each of the three have stated that Joe is buried on the Marks’ property. And I do think that Wade’s father is involved in it.

Kelly says: Again, you are going on hear say. I never ever said anything like that, not even joking would I say something like that and I am sure the other 2 never ever said that as well. Wade’s dad has no involvement in this. How dare you try to implicate Mr.Marks. You are demented

Gina says: How does JP fit in with the theory that Wade and Kelly had a sexual relationship which Joe accidentally discovered? JP and Joe could have been in the lodge while Kelly and Wade went out to the car to get more beer or weed. What’s taking them so long ? Hey Joe, why don’t you go see where the heck they are. Joe goes out, sees the windows of the car all steamed over, figures they’re smoking, opens the door and …. well …. gets an eye full. They, especially Kelly, try to convince him that he didn’t see what he thinks he saw. Joe’s not stupid. Hence the argument. They’re trying to make sure he keeps his mouth shut. Hey, btw…didn’t they recently legalize gay marriage in Vermont or something?

Kelly says: There was no sexual activity that night at all, I really can’t believe you would even suggest something like that. You got to be heavily medicate, Gina to think or suggest that

Gina says: There’s always the fact that the three have worked together to preserve their story which really says alot.

Kelly says: Its no story, we told the truth and all 3 of us took and passed a polygraph test with no inconclusive answers from anyone of us. Adminstrated by the NYS Troopers (BCI) at their headquaters. Which really says alot and proves our innocense. By the way, I don’t know JP or ever hung out with him before and after Joe’s diappearance, I was just getting a ride in his car. Matter of fact, when I was stripper fishing in Eddyville, I seen him catch herring by the dam, and he walked right by me, not even knowing who I was. He doesn’t know me, that night was the first time I ever hung with him. That is how much we work together, and for Wade, I haven’t seen or talked with him for many many moons.

Gina says: Now, here’s an afterthought: Maybe Wade’s father was distributing drugs for his drug-dealing bike-gang in the 1980′s, and John LaForge was in turn his “next in line”, taking quanities from Mr. Marks to sell to the younger crowd at places like Mt Cathalia

Kelly says: I never seen Mr.Marks ever do or deal drugs, you should be a shamed of yourself to even say that about his father. I know he like to ride his bike, but I never heard he was in a bike gang or wore patches. If that is true, what is the name of the bike gang since you seem to know so much.!?!?!

Gina says: If you can wait until the middle of the month, his picture, along with Wade’s and Kelly’s will hopefully be on the front page of the local newspapers.

Kelly says: And please tell us why, I think I know why. Cause you and your bf Sherry Schwartz(who you went to elmentary with) started brain storming and tried to say I told Sherry in school that Joe was dead. I am pretty sure that is the reason. If so, the State Police know Sherry and I never had class together as she claims and stated, plus I never had Wade in any of my classes either. I was just informed that Sherry is not credible and they don’t believe her story. I mean why would you believe her story. How come she never told a friend that I told her that!?!? How come the teacher in the room didn’t ask what was going on or other students see what was going on when I walked Wade out the classroom, was Sherry the only one in class with Wade and I !?!?! What you 2 have done and are doing is really out of line and sinistar.

Gina says: The person who talked on this thread saying that the names of the three were about to be included on the front page of the newspaper was none other than Kelly Diaz’s best friend. So I’d put no weight into his claims at all..

Kelly says: Did my best friend tell you that, Gina.Who & Why the hell would he say that if he was my best friend as you claim!?!?! You post that our pictures will be in the paper soon, then say you would not put any weight in his claims. You don’t make any sense.

Gina says: Kelly abandoned the property when he couldn’t pay the taxes and ownership was turned back to the town. They confiscated the property in lieu of taxes. The old trailer that he lived in was hauled away and the property is just vacant now.

Kelly says: I rented that property, how could I owe taxes on it. Serious. Ask J.Sherry or his mother. They know, my mother rented that land.

Gina says: It’s amazing how we, as average citizens, can see how the three should be considered suspects but LE can’t. It’s insane. And to each of these players…..remember that there is NO statute of limitations on MURDER. And yes, it WAS a murder. One person may have murdered Joe, but several were a part of the situation

Kelly says: Now how do you know he was murdered and by who, seems like you have all the answers.I am not worried and for sure that Joe wasn’t murdered by us 3. I sleep well at night, but I do always wonder where he went or what happen to him. I always talk to anyone who asks me about that night.

Gina says: I’m sure some people already feel the three are guilty. Myself included. It’s hard to draw any other conclusion based on we know.

Kelly says: No, people don’t feel that way, Gina, only you do and the ones you have brain washed with those crazy theories of yours. I can’t make everyone believe me or us, but I know many people feel the opposite of you, Gina. Even much of your classmates feel that you are going about this the wrong way and left the group on Facebook cause the way you run things. And alot of your classmates don’t feel the way you do either.

Gina says: It’s frankly quite amusing that one of the three and his little group of “minions” keep creating fake profiles on this and other pages in order to post a lot of crap, trying to take the focus away from our work. It makes me laugh so hard.

Kelly says: You are the one who does that and have conversations with yourself like you are 4 different people talking amung one another. You slipped up on your posts and it shows. Bet you wish you could have deleted that post, but no deleting on that blog.You can laugh all you want, but this isn’t a game, this is about my friend Joe and u keep claiming that I murdered him. Not something I am laughing about. But I see you like to laugh and taunt people like this means nothing to you. That is why I created this to show people what you are saying and doing to us with no real evidence, all hear say as you claim.

Gina says: We are searching for the truth. Clues keep coming in and we’re following them as they do.

Kellys says: How come you are the one receiving clues and not the NYS BCI!?!?! And why aren’t you tell (BCI)Thomas Fortuna about them. When I just spoke with him about Sherry saying on CBS News that we told her Joe is dead. He said, you know what Kelly, with them girls saying that on National TV, guess how many leads or tips I got on my desk from that. Nada, Zero. So where are all your clues coming from and why with hold info from the (BCI).!?!?!

Gina says: Maybe Joe knew something about the police being involved in something bad and the they did away with him…and then used the the three boys as decoys but never prosecuted them causing the whole thing to hang in limbo for eternity. Maybe those three got pardoned from something else in return for their role in helping cover up Joe’s murder, even if they didn’t actually do it

Kelly says: You really have some imagination. Stop and think what you are saying

Gina says: Is it possible that the two other boys were there to subdue Joe Helt while John LaForge injected him with a lethal dose of cocaine and heroine supplied by connections of corrupt father/judge? Could it be that Joe had accidentally learned too much about this? Or perhaps just a bad drug deal.

Kelly says: Drug deal on top of the mountain in the middle of no where!?! Com’on now, and we subdued, Joe. No how, No way is this every possible, just theories thought up by someone who has no real intentions for the truth

Gina says:  it’s always the most calm before the storm …… watch out boys …… it’s coming …. fast and hard. You can run, but you cannot hide.

Kelly says: No one is running or hiding, you seem to know so much about Joe being murdered, sounds like you have something to do with it. How do you know he was murdered!?!?! You keep saying and being amid about it

Gina says: Joe did leave the party with these three. He was seen leaving the party with the three and the three do not deny this fact. One hour before he left with them he was seen arguing with them off to the side of the building where the party was taking place. After this point Joe asked a friend for a ride home (he didn’t see or hear the argument.) but his vehicle was full and he couldn’t give Joe a ride home

Kelly says:How could Mundo not see or hear the arguement. Let me quote you” Joe and Kelly were arguing with one another where we were putting hands in each others face and people feared it was gonna get physical and everyone started backing up. Well how come Joe didn’t tell Mundo what just happened or how come Mundo didn’t see or hear the argument. Cause there was no argument. You know someone at the party would have mentioned that to Mundo, police or someone.

Gina says: Not one hothead went and confronted one of them and tried to beat the truth out of him

Kelly says: Yes, that has happened to me when I was 16. I had N.Wolfe, J.Kreco, T.Chennyfield and I think K.Richmond. But one of them asked me to step out a friends(Rolando Florez) house. I did so, thinking one of them wanted to talked to me and he walked me to the side of the building by the parking lot and that is when they all popped out and wanted me to get in the car. I refused to go, that is when Ty threw me on the car and started threatening me and all of them swarmed me. Lucky there were some poeple watching. Even Ty’s ex wife Johanna seen it and said what he did to me on the Facebooks In Support of Joe. So that is no lie.

Gina says: Anyway, why aren’t people talking more about those other guys and where they might be or what they might be up to

Kelly says: You want to know why, cause they know we proved & told the truth and definitely don’t hide from anyone. I see a lot of your classmates and they still say hi and smile or shake my hand and talk with me.

Gina says: These guys are supposedly confirmed drug dealers, and drug dealers have been known to rat each other out in a second.

Kelly says: Well your theory about ratting each other out in a second is wrong. So you can delete that theory, cause its been 25 years and that has not and will never  happen. Is it okay for you to sit here and say we are confirmed drug dealers? Well how about I say you are a confirmed and convicted felon, was stole almost a half a million dollars($400.000) from your job, Those people trusted and believed in you Gina and that is how you treat them back. You lied to them about stealing money from their company. Why should anyone of us believe your theories now. You deceived other who trusted in you before, now you want people to believe & trust you again!?!?!

Gina says: Yes, someone came forward who witnessed the argument. That’s how we found out about the argument.

Kelly says: Thats funny, how come the State Police never mentioned that to me or even question me about a fight. They did ask me on the polygraph, if anyone of us had got into a fight with Joe. I told them no and the polygraph showed I was being honest.

Gina says: Maybe I’ve watched too much CSI!

Kelly says: Way to Much !!!! You’re about to go blind. Oh wait, you are blind, blind to the facts and truth that is.

Gina says: It does not appear that JP or Kelly have done much with their lives since. They’re not pillars of the community. Neither is a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist or even a veterinarian.

Kelly says: What have you done with your life, Gina. Don’t come on here trying to judge us when your closet is filthy. You’re a convicted felon who stole over $400,000 close to a half million dollars. How much drugs was you snorting and smoking. That is an awful lot of money. So look who is talking who has done much with their life. I never claimed to be any of them

Gina says: If I’m not mistaken, Kelly refers to those of us that post here and on facebook as being an “angry mob”

Kelly says: When have I ever said that!?!?! There is no mob, Gina, just you and Sherri. I definitely don’t consider you an angry mob. But I do refer to you as a(what rhymes with hunt) You don’t even know me, just my name. Have you ever said hi to me!?! NO

Gina says: Unlike the three, Armando has answered all questions, has been upfront and honest about everything and he is not the last person Joe was with when he disappeared. So yes, we back Armando

Kelly says: Where do you get your info from, maybe if you took the time out to get to know me and be civil and no finger pointing, then maybe you and I could’ve been talking and me telliing you what happen that night. But you know more than us 3 and the police, you have all the answers already as we can see. We have complied above and beyond with everyone except you. You say JP doesn’t help, well I just got off the phone with Heidi Wagner with the Search & Rescue from Sams Point. She told me that JP was and is very helpful and she can verify that for anyone. So please stop making up lies and spreading them around like a bad germ. Karma is gonna bite you in the ass for what you’re doing. Now you say you back, Mundo. But before you said he should be investigate as well. Which one is it. I see you will go to great lengths to try and have us charged for murder.without seeking the TRUTH, but the truth is here and always will be.

Gina says: Kelly Diaz killed Joe… Everyone knows this in their heart, had the police conducted a proper interview they would have known. I hope he burns in hell for what he’s done.

Kelly says: What have I done that I really deserve to burn in hell!?!?! Careful what you wish for, what comes around goes around. Karma is a motherfu@ker

Gina says: Actually it’s never been a secret who the people are behind the Justice for Joe movement (myself being one of them) and my name is already on this thread in previous comments so saying it again isn’t a big deal. I have no problem putting my name to anything I say. Gina Schuster !!!

Beth says: I honestly don’t care if someone is making any of them a little uncomfortable…The fact is my nephew is missing….25 years have gone by. 25 years of not having him in our lives. It isn’t fair to him or to the people who love him. While I refuse to point fingers on this page I will say that I am sure…with every breathe that I take that at least one of the three know what happened to him.I don’t recall any of the 3 coming to my sister’s house showing concern while she sat and waited for that phone call…So if for some reason they have had to deal with some scrutiny in their sad little lives….. SO BE IT!!!

Kelly says: I never and still don’t feel uncomfortable, maybe when I saw Tracy cause she was on a war path when she seen me and would blurt and yell stuff at me that was hurtful, she use to be very nice to me, then she hated me. I would have went to Joe’s mothers but she wasn’t very happy to see me, even when I was hanging by Riches where she worked, she would stare at me with the evil face. I wish she was alive so I could talk to her, but she knows the truth now and I bet she is shaking her head at the way Gina has been saying these things about us doing to her son. I know she knows the truth now and so does Beth. And when it is time for me to stand in front of god and be judged, I know I will not be judge for being a murderer or witness to a murderer. I proved and still will prove my innocense, that is why I created this page. I have nothing really to be remorseful about, cause the last I seen Joe he was alive and well and walking. But I do feel for his family too, it has to be hard to lose a family member and never see him again and wonder what really happen to him or where he went. Not a very good feeling

    I see you will post lies without finding out the facts & truth first. This is Kelly Diaz and I am here to say that everything Gina Schuster is telling you all is straight bold face lies and theories. I am here to put a stop to this and try her in court for defamation & slander. 1 – She is telling people that I was telling people the car was never stuck, well guess what, it sure was, cause Heidi Wagner of the Search & Rescue Team from Sams Point (845 647 3123)just told me that two local fireman from Cragsmoor helped JP retrieve the car the next following day around 5pm and she can verify the fireman and truth about the car being stuck. Plus she can verify that we have been very cooperative in finding Joe and answering questions. 2 – Gina and her friend Sherri Schwartz started brainstorming and had Sherri agree to say that I told her in class that Joe was never coming back and dead. I never had Sherri in my classes and she was 2 grades above me and the school records show that her and I never had any class together.Plus I just learned that Gina & Sherri were trying to coerce a classmate into saying she was in the class with Sherri as well. So you can see what type of people I am dealing with and what lengths she will try and twist the truth into something that never happened or have us charged for murder. 3 – Gina Hetcher (Schuster) is a convicted felon who stole & defrauded almost a half a million dollars($400,000) from her job. She betrayed, lied and defrauded her job and was tried and convicted for 10 years, only did 4 and got out on good behavior. Instead of trying to build her reputation back up in an honorable way, she’s resorting to sensationalism & mucking about someone else’s sorrows. 4 – Gina always say we have new clues & info or we have a new witness in negotiations. Well why are you the only one receiving tips and clues or having witness coming to you and not the NYS BCI. Why are you with holding info from the NYS BCI Thomas Fortuna (845 626 2863)! How come he has never said anything to us about your tips, clues or witnesses! Cause he knows its all fabricated by you, Gina. 5 – If you spent less time on this computer finger pointing and accusing and roll your butt up there and help us search we might have found some clues. But your to lazy, all you want to do is accuse people without any real evidence to back up your claims, all hear say or he said & she said. 6 – We all have complied above and beyond with the NYS BCI and a few other important people looking for Joe. Plus all 3 of us pass a polygraph test with no inconclusive answers from any 3 of us. So if any of us 3 were lying about anything don’t you think the lie detector would have picked it up! I could see the speculation if one of us passed, but all 3 of us passed 7 – Gina was ready and willing to do a documentary on Joe’s case and tell her theories & lies on the documentary. But when she found out that I was gonna be a part of the documentary, she changed her mind and told the lady Trish Gillespie (203 770 8824) that she didn’t and wouldn’t be a part of the documentary and that Trish wasn’t allowed to use her name in the documentary. The reason she changed her mind is cause she thought that none of us would stand up and argue against her bold face lies & theories and actually come out and tell our side of the truth. She thought we would just tuck our tails and lay down. I don’t hear a peep out of Gina anymore, now that I just exposed her for a fraud and proved her to be a liar.

  We told the truth and still do to this day. I just wanted people to see what she has been saying and doing. So I will address her this way, so she can see what I have to say about her comments and theories. I miss Joe too, he is a friend of mine and I really do hope he is alive and well. I always think about Joe and where and what the hell happen. I would love to know just as much as his family. One true fact here is that not 1 of us harmed Joe. Here is a prayer I believe in. “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place. Stand with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the sheild of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one(Gina)”. I am sorry I was there that night with Joe, but I can assure you that he was alive and well the last we seen him and we proved that. God Bless Us All !!!

If you like to read some more click on the link below:

BUSTED - Lataiz Maurice Wells

An arrest does not mean that the individual has been convicted of the alleged violation. Individuals on this website are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. All information related to charges and arrest or booking is obtained through public domain and in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Location : Toledo, Ohio

Age : 39 years

Processing Date : 12-01-2011

Alleged Violation





 New Haven, CT Murder Still Unsolved

Terrance Driffin was only 23 years old when his life was stolen from him. He had been on his way to visit his girlfriend when he was gunned down at 365 Shelton Avenue on May 5, 2007. His murder was the first of 11 that year in the city. Law Enforcement has run into problems with his case because people have not come forward with vital information. Driffin’s uncle is Ron Smith, the City Clerk of New Haven. Sadly this is not the first time, Smith has lost a family member to violence. He had a nephew and sister also die from gun violence. Someone knows what happened to Driffin and there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for his murder.

If you have any information about the murder of Terrance Driffin please call the New Haven Police Department at (203) 946-6304 or (866) 888-TIPS. All calls can be confidential.

– Questions Surround Rhode Island Man’s Death Weeks After Disappearance –

Thirty-one year old Christopher Schmeller was reported missing by friends on September 30, 2002. On October 10, 2002 Tuesday morning about 10 feet down an embankment in a wooded area near the weigh station, his body was found. The Westerly Rhode Island Fisherman had died as a result of blunt trauma. The area was just off of Interstate 95 in Waterford, Connecticut and has had dead bodies left there before. Police from both Connecticut and Rhode Island have worked on the case and have labeled Schmeller’s death as suspicious. A friend of his had reported that he was last seen at the Superior Court House in Wakefield and had been nervous about finding a ride home because of an individual he had feared was there at the time. If you have any information about the suspicious death of Christopher Schmeller please contact the Waterford Police Department at (860)-442-9451 or the Westerly, Rhode Island Police Department at 401-596-2022.

Unknown Hit and Run Driver Still Eludes Justice

On December 23, 1982, 15 year old Sherry Miller and her brother in law were walking along Route 101 in the town of Dayville, just miles from the Rhode Island border. Just before 9PM that night, She was fatally hit by an older model dark-colored pick-up-truck. The vehicle was described as having damage to the right front side it was also missing a mirror and a radio antennae. It has been 25 years since this hit and run driver has eluded justice and her family desperately wants to find the individual(s) responsible for her untimely death. If you have any information, please call the State Police at Troop D at 860-779-3900.

Justice Is Still Elusive in New Haven Hit And Run Fatality

It was early Saturday morning on August 20, 1994 when 24 year old Richard Riccio and a group of his friends were walking on the Tomlinson Bridge on Forbes Avenue near Waterfront Street. Riccio was struck and killed by a vehicle described as being white, gray, or light-colored. It was a small to midsize car, possibly of Japanese make, maybe a newer model. Witnesss acounts state that the car was driven by a male with a possible female passenger in it. It is believed that the vehicle sustained damage to the front end and hood area, the front grille, and a smashed front window. The car was last seen driving from Styles Street over the Q Bridge, off Interstate-95 into the James Street area. The State of Connecticut has authorized a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this for this crime. If you have information you may contact the New Haven Police at 203-946-6304.

Was Dead Hitchhiker from Connecticut?

 It was October 18th 1984 near the small town of Malvern, Arkansas. An Unidentified white male died as a result of a car accident when the vehicle he was in landed in a body of water. The other occupant of the car (the owner) managed to get out safely. The victim had been under water for as long as 30 minutes and died two days from his injuries. His name is not known and it is believed he had been hitchhiking when he was picked up by the owner of the vehicle in Louisville, Kentucky. The owner of the car was driving to Houston, Texas and allowed the hitchhiker to come along. During the drive, the owner of the vehicle allowed the victim to drive while he (the owner) went to sleep. Shortly after the victim took the wheel, the two got into a car accident.

The deceased is a White male 5’8″; 167 lbs and around the ages of 25 to 35 years. He had medium to dark brown hair which measured about 6 inches in length. The deceased also had a bushy, brown beard, brown eyes a small circular scar on his left ankle. Found on him were: Brown boot shoes; a pair of red, black and white sweat socks sized M8; a cut brown sweater; 28 x 32 Corduroy trousers; and multicolored long sleeved shirt ” John Henry ” (his neck size was 14 1/2 inches (32-33)). There is a belief that he may have been from the New Haven, Connecticut area. He may have also been trying to get to California. If anyone has any information as to who please contact the Hot Spring County Coroners Office at 501-732-0561 . You can email them at

To see a post-mortem photo of the unidentified please click here. Picture is not gory but still could be disturbing to some.