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Police photo of WEI LI PANG

→ Wei Li Pang is a adult female who is wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for sex-trafficking.

Pang plead guilty to a two-count information in the United States District Court, Western District of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri, in December of 2008. The information alleges that Pang aided and abetted others in the transportation of females in interstate commerce with the intent that these females engage in prostitution inside massage parlors and elsewhere.

Pang allegedly assisted in transporting at least five females in interstate commerce for illegal sexual activity between May of 2006, and May of 2007.

On July 20, 2010, a federal arrest warrant was issued for the arrest of Pang after she failed to appear for sentencing.

Pang is a Chinese national who had permanent resident alien status and resided in Overland Park, Kansas City, Missouri, in 2006 and 2007. She may possibly be traveling with her husband.

Aliases: Linda Pang ♦ Wai Li Pang ♦ Weili Pang

Birth-date used: April 24, 1970

Home Country: China

Race: Asian

Nationality: Chinese

Weight/Height: 5’4” weighing approximately 150 pounds (Pang is on the heavy side.)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Pang was the owner/operator of Asian massage parlors


Parents Charged in Nationwide Child Pornography Investigation

PHOTO: Michelle Lee Freeman, 40, and her husband, Michael Serapis Freeman, 39

Michelle Lee Freeman, 40, and her husband, Michael Serapis Freeman, 39, surrendered to Salem police after the couple learned that an acquaintance had identified photos that had been provided to the media by ICE and shared by the public on social media sites. (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office) – Click here for full article written and published by Abcnews.

Child molestor (pictured) still unidentified almost two months later.

ICE Homeand Security Investigations agents are still searching for a “Criminal Jane Doe” who produced child pornography videos of herself and a man engaging in sexual contact with two children (both girls.) One child is between the ages of 5 and 7, and the other was between 3 and 5 years old.

ICE agents made the discovery in Washington D.C. while investigating an unrelated child porn case back in August, 2012. They’ve been trying to identify her ever since. Media and Facebook hasn’t produced any answers as to who this woman could be but agents believe she lives somewhere in the United States. The photo(s) that have been provided by are still-shots from the video found.

This child-predator is described by HSI special agents as a Caucasian female, between the ages of 25 and 35 with a medium build, dark brown hair and blue eyes. She is also identifiable by a large mole on the back of her left thigh.

A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of ”Criminal Jane Doe”

Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to contact authorities immediately. One can call the HSI Tip Line at 1-866-347-2423 or complete an online tip form at

Twenty Year Old Cold Case In Illinois Still Unsolved

FBI hopes new $50,000 reward will help find mysterious killer twenty years  after college student raped, murdered, wrapped in duct tape, and dumped in  blanket

  • Tammy Zywicki,  21, was driving along Illinois freeway in 1992 when car broke down
  • One witness said  there was man stopped by the side of the road appearing to help young  student
  • Her body was  recovered hundreds of miles away in Missouri
  • Rapist and  murderer still remains at large


Published August 23rd, 2012 By Dailymail – Click link for full story

Erik Patchin Has Been Missing Since 05/24/94

WHITE MALE DOB: 12/02/73 HEIGHT: 5’10” WEIGHT: 160 HAIR: BROWN EYES: BROWN. – Erik has a quater-sized burn scar on the back of his right hand. His hair was cut in a mullet-style at the time of his disappearance (short at the front, sides, top, but long in the back.)


Erik Patch was from Lloyd, but spent a lot of his time in Tallahassee. Before his disappearance, Erik was employed as a part-time disc jockey for a local college radio station.

→ Erik, 20, was last seen on May 24th, 1994 at approximately 2AM in Tallahassee, Florida leaving a bar with a female friend. After driving her back home he headed towards Jefferson County by himself. His 1972 Silver Volkswagen Beetle was located later that day at the ‘Jr Food Store’ at US 27 South and Chaires Cross Road. Erik lived in Lloyd, FL and it was common for him to be in that area. His vehicle did not appear to be tampered with nor was there any sign of forced entry.

Although Erik wasen’t known to sell nor do drugs, It is possible that he could have been murdered by drug-dealers who frequented the Moore/Washington Corners quarters around Jr Food Store in 1994, the surrounding areas were searched yet no trace or evidence was ever found. A potential suspect in Erik’s disappearance has since died in prison where he was serving time for a seperate crime. Investigators fear that if this deceased suspect was involved, that there chance of solving this case is now slim-none.

This case might be a ”cold case” to the public, but to Erik Patchin’s family and loved ones, it’s still very real in there heads, they have not forgotten him and they miss him terribly. They’ve made a Facebook Page called ”Erik Patchin Missing But Not Forgotten”

Erik’s family is offering a $5000 dollar REWARD for credible infomation that would lead to discovering the actual events surrounding his disappearance. If you have any infomation regarding this case, please contact the Leon County Sheriff’s Office – Crimes Against Persons Unit (850)-922-3300

Stephanie Crane, 9, went missing in Challis, Idaho, on Oct. 11, 1993. This age-enhanced photo shows what she may look like today.

Above Composite Sketch Of What Stephanie Might Look Like Today

Below is a school photo taken of Stephanie when she was 9 years of age

Stephanie Crane missing children,Stephanie Crane

Infomation provided below was taken off of America’s Most Wanted Website (

On Oct. 11, 1993, Sandy Crane dropped off her 9-year-old daughter, Stephanie, at a bowling alley in Challis, Idaho. The third-grader was going to bowl with friends, then walk directly across the street to the local high school for soccer practice. Sandy gave Stephanie money for a snack, smiled and told her to be home by 5 p.m.

Two hours later, Stephanie had not come home, and Sandy sensed something was wrong. She jumped into her red Ford Bronco and went looking for her daughter. At 8:15 p.m. she walked into the Custer County Sheriff’s Department and reported her daughter missing.

The sheriff’s department immediately organized a search of the area. Officers and volunteers quickly organized and combed the area, searching for Stephanie until 1 a.m. They resumed a mere six hours later with even more volunteers.

“The community really came together; we all put in extra time,” said Linda Dubiel of the Custer County Sheriff’s Department. Members of the volunteer fire department, search and rescue, Idaho State Police, the FBI and search dogs all contributed to the search.

Witnesses spotted Stephanie on the sidewalk of Highway 93 next to the high school. No evidence of a struggle was ever found.

After extensive daily searches for Stephanie, local law enforcement came up with very few clues — it seemed as though the 9-year-old had simply vanished. As the hours ticked away and turned into days, there would be no signs of young Stephanie Crane.


Does this young female look familiar? (NH)

Identity of Fraud Suspect Still Unknown – Law Enforcement is seeking the identity of an adult female that is accused of cashing several counterfeit checks at several TD Banknorth branches in New Hampshire. The suspect cashed out over $250,000 during April of 2006. She has gone by the aliases of Joanna Ray and Wendy Rodriguez. She most likely has lived or lives in or around NH at the time these crimes occured. Or at the most, she has family or friends in or around NH. Someone must know her, even if you aren’t sure, please call. It can be done annoymously.

If you have any information about this person or the crimes that she committed please call FBI Special agent Brian Keefe at(603) 472-2224 Brian Keefe. All calls can be confidential.

Although not positive its a ‘Crime’ that was commited, it’s still an Unsolved Disappearance.

Disappearance Of Maura Murray Still A Mystery 8 Years Later - NH

Maura Murray was born May 4th, 1982 and was 21 years of age when she disappeared. She has brown curly hair, blue/green eyes, 5’5”, weighing approx 120 pounds in 2004. She was last seen wearing dark jacket and jeans and carrying a backpack.

For more details and additional photos, click here:

Maura disappeared on February 9, 2004, after a one-car accident on New Hampshire Route 112 in Haverhill, New Hampshire. Murray, a nursing student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, left campus on the afternoon of her disappearance after telling her professors and her work supervisor by e-mail that she was taking a week off because of a family emergency. Official investigators suggested that she may have wanted to disappear and initially considered her disappearance to be a standard missing persons case, but her family and friends believe that she was abducted and her father has been critical of state investigators. As of 2012, eight years after her disappearance, there is no suspect and her whereabouts remain unknown.

Events before Disappearance – On Thursday, February 5, 2004, Maura made a phone call in the evening to her older sister, Kathleen, while on break from her job at University of Massachusetts Student Security. Maura seemed normal to her sister.

The next day, February 6, 2004, Maura was at work at 1 am when she received a phone call that caused her to become upset. She was escorted back to her dorm room by her supervisor.

On Saturday, February 7, 2004, Maura went used-car shopping with her father, Fred Murray, and they later went for dinner with a friend of Maura’s. Maura dropped her father off at his hotel room, and then borrowed his Toyota Corolla, returning to the UMass campus to a dorm party with her friend. She left the party at 2:30 am, and drove to her father’s hotel room, hitting a guardrail on Route 9 in Hadley, causing $8,000 of damage, which would be covered by the insurance. Her father says she was shaken up and apologetic. Maura called her boyfriend, who was stationed in Oklahoma, from her father’s cell phone. Her father rented a car, dropped Maura off at UMass, and headed to Connecticut for work. In the evening, Maura agreed with her father that she would get the forms pertaining to the accident from the DMV on Monday, and they would discuss the forms over the phone that evening. (more…)

No Remains Found Of Mother & Daughter That Were Murdered

One of the most infamous murder/disappearance cases in Vermont is the vanishing of 32 year old Grace Reapp and her five year old daughter Gracie Reapp. They were last seen at their residence at their Jericho, Vermont residence on June 6, 1978. Michael Reapp, the husband and father of the two filed a missing person’s report. Around a year later, he marries a second time and maintains custody of the couple’s two older sons. In 1996, after he moved to FLorida, he went missing after he was informed that Vermont Law Enforcement was digging around the property where his wife and daughter had last been seen. In June 7, 2010, it was learned that Michael Reapp has committed suicide back in 1997. He had been chased by police after he did an armed carjacking. Vermont State Police believe that Michael Reapp murdered both his wife and daughter. To date, they have not been found.

Two Decades Later Brutal Homicide of Popular Teacher’s Aide Still Unsolved

In the town of Agawam and the areas that surround it in Massachusetts and Connecticut, people still talk quietly about the brutal killing of Lisa Ziegert. She was a well liked teacher’s aide that worked in the town’s middle school with special need children. She also had a part time job at the Brittany’s Card and Gift Shoppe in town. April 15, 1992, was the last time anyone saw the popular 24 year old. The next day, the owner of the gift shop noticed that the door to the store was unlocked. Lisa, was nowhere to be found. Sadly, four days later on Easter Sunday, April 19, 1992, She was found deceased by a man walking his dog. She had been stabbed and sexually assaulted and was partially clothed. Her body was found in an area hundred of feet deep in the woods that was off of a dirt road that connected to Route 75 in town. Law Enforcement believe that she was abducted from the store between the times of 8:20 and 9:10 pm. At one time a $100,000 reward was offered by the state of Massachusetts for anyone with information that would lead them to the conviction of any individual(s) responsible for Ziegert’s death. Many people have speculated as to who may have killed Lisa Ziegert. There are postings on the internet that allege that a possible killer may be protected by certain people. Some believe she may have known her killer. There are others that say that it may have been a former Massachusetts resident awaiting trial for a brutal murder in Florida. If you have any information about this case please call the Massachusetts State Police at 413-747-4809.